Mentors Are Dream builders

  • Paul the Apostle had a definite encounter with the Risen Lord and was commissioned with an assignment. His assignment became his dream which would lead to the attainment of his destiny. Persistent efforts to fulfil your dream will draw you closer to reaching your destiny. However soon after the dream came alive when it was still its infancy, the apostles in Jerusalem rejected him and his dream. Then Barnabas – the Son of Consolation came along side him, believed his dream and helped build and buttress Paul’s dream. Barnabas used his credibility with the others to have Paul accepted into the fellowship and this secured Paul’s dream. Mentors are dream builders and not dream killers. Barnabas did not focus on Paul’s challenges and credibility gap – but simply helped him focus on the fulfillment of that dream. When a mentor joins you along the journey, your speed towards destiny is accelerated.
  • The mentor helps the protégé to dream bigger. Many so called coaches are experts at killing dreams and showing how a protégé’s dream cannot be realised. Mentors are meant to be possibility thinkers who see opportunities and nurture curiosity. Generally mentors access the dreams of their charges when they still are in seed form and are still very fragile. It is therefore critical that mentors help nurture those dreams until they are strong enough to withstand any attacks on the dreams. Mentors need to handle protégé’s dreams with care and confidentiality so as to protect those dreams at their most vulnerable stages.
  • Jack Canfield says “It doesn’t take any more time to dream a big dream than it takes to dream a small dream. Big dreams attract big people. Small dreams attract small people”.
  • But I say “Great people inspire great dreams. If you want to dream big, associate with greatness”. As a mentor you need to encourage your charges to dream.  Inspire them to greatness.
  • Mentors focus on building the protégé’s dream not their own dreams at the expense of the protégé. Mentors are dealers in hope. The speak hope, courage and persistence in the protégé to enable him/her to keep pursuing the dream. They see the dream realised and they paint the picture of successful execution of the dream to the protégé. Mentors are merchants of hope. Inspire the dreams of your protégés because as they fulfil their dream you extend your legacy.
  • Barnabas assured his transgenerational legacy by building Paul’s dream. Are you a dream builder or a dream killer? If your mentor always finds ways that your dream can not come to pass – then you may need to review the relationship. Mentors are cheerleaders.
  • Your protégé’s dream is the pathway to his destiny as well as your key to perpetuating your legacy.
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