A Coach

A coach is someone who walks you through a process, imparting encouragement and skills to succeed in a task. His focus is to motivate, build skills and help you find the necessary applications to meet the challenges you face. He models the importance of learning basic skills. A coach trains and disciplines you to do the things you don’t want to do so that you become what you have to become. Coach says, “I know the calling of God in your life. I know where you have to go and I’m going to walk with you and develop the needed resources and internal capacities needed to achieve what God wants you to achieve”. The focus is on improving effectiveness in the life of a mentoring partner.

Good people accept accountability. Great people ask for it.

Guy Kawasaki

A young man called Jack, from a poor family, went into dental school. A mutual friend introduced us. When he was free from University commitments he would come and be a chair side assistant just to learn the intricacies of dentistry in my practice. During his third year he experienced financial difficulties and we sponsored him for the balance of his studies. Because of the exposure he had and the coaching he got, he excelled in his academic and clinical work. He had an advantage in clinical procedures over other students. As he was working with us, he had a front row view of clinical dentistry. His professors were amazed at his appreciation of clinical skills. We coached and helped him learn basic clinical skills. In his final years of school, we allowed him to assist with some clinical procedures.

For instance most dental students finish their training without doing a very expensive procedure called fabricating a bridge. The local dental school has no facility for this procedure. When he got a patient who needed this treatment we eliminated our fee so that the patient could afford and accept the treatment. The procedure was worth $25 million at the time but his patient only paid the laboratory bill of $7 million. I released resources through the discount to enable him to learn. I supervised him as he performed the treatment. I believe since the local dental school opened, he has been the first student to perform this procedure. Now Jack has started his dental career fully qualified for all the procedures.

Today he can be trusted to run a private practice since he has acquired the administrative and managerial skills. We offered him a rare opportunity since most dental students graduate without any exposure to live clinical settings apart from the university. That’s coaching.

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