I absolutely believe that people unless coached never reach their maximum capabilities.

Bob Nardalli

Sponsors empower you with resources and analytical skills about the organisation.  A sponsor will show you the intricacies of the organisation and helps you negotiate organizational politics. Organisations have unwritten rules which you violate to your peril. So you need someone who has been there to sponsor you and walk with you along the way. Sponsors know critical people in the organization and will open the doors for you. Sponsors defend and protect you from organizational hawks as well as from your own mistakes. A sponsor may hide you under his wings because he sees your potential but is aware of your weaknesses.

Corporate entrepreneurs are people who are innovative and may create break through products which may cannibalize and replace the organization’s cash cows. They are critical in making sure that the company’s cash cows are not replaced by competitors since this will threaten the survival of the organization. However people with vested interests may seek to thwart such innovative products. For the projects which can secure the future of the organization to succeed, corporate entrepreneurs need some respected organizational sponsors to adopt their project, protect and defend their cause. These would be respectable high achieving executives who have credibility and know the inner workings and political manoeuvrings of the organization. Their support is crucial for the survival of entrepreneurial ideas.

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  • Reply Nelson Ndlovu May 10, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    What incredible insight Doc.

    At first I was of the opinion that “here we go, we are about to hear about financers”…. So imagine my surprise when I realised that that perticular aspect had nothing to do with the discussion at hand.

    Thank you for the ellaboration of an empathetic and far reaching induction process as a long term mentoring method of value to both parties.

    Casting light into the shadows

    • Reply nurturingchampions May 11, 2010 at 7:57 am

      Thanks Nelson. Yes we all need organisational sponsors who will champion our cause within the organisation as well as protect us from organisational politics. Many would be champions failed to reach their destinies because they did not have anyone within the organisations who would speak for them and advocate for their advancement or defend from would be internal attackers.

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