Go for the Gold

Walt Disney though long gone, has created a legacy through his cartoons and his Disney World family entertainment. He has institutionalized his values into his enterprises. Though he is dead yet he still speaks and touches this generation and others to come. Nurturing champions is about institutionalizing in the psyche of people, businesses and ministries the values you hold dear. Legacy is your voice resounding past the grave guiding and influencing posterity.

Lasting wealth creation is multigenerational and is oriented toward the long run and not the short run.

Dennis Peacocke

Building a legacy is a process that is intentional and time consuming. It requires effort. A legacy is not created by default or by mistake. It takes a conscious decision that translates into a discipline of nurturing others. The values you pass on to your children, your protégés and those you touch can be so inculcated that these will pass them on to another generation. Legacy building, like writing a will, is purposeful. It is based on forethought. Thinking ahead and determining the kind of future you desire for those after you. Then you deliberately take actions to affect that future.

One sure way of doing this is by building people through nurture. Changing the values and belief systems of the people you train is part of nurturing. Building self-efficacy. Painting a picture of the future that they can aspire to. Inspiring them to dream big. To aiming higher. Challenging them to pursue the fulfilment of the God inspired dream. Encouraging them to spend themselves for God’s glory and in the service of mankind. Modelling greatness for them. Living a life worthy of your calling.

Gideon Makoni, my grandfather was renown in his days as a fiery preacher. He started well. He planted many Anglican churches around Rusape. But — he did not finish well. He became a polygamist and turned away from the faith to a religious cult. His progeny has suffered since because of the legacy he left. I guess I got a portion of his positive legacy before he corrupted it.

If we do not make plans for a better tomorrow, tomorrow will be no better.

John Maxwell

Nurturing champions entails a commitment to live a morally upright lifestyle. Commitment to values. Commitment to principles. Commitment to building people.  Commitment to relationships. Commitment to the long term. Mentoring as a way of increasing your legacy is about finishing strong. Many start the race but few finish. Legacy builders keep their eyes trained on the finish line. So that they can, with those gone before them declare, “I have fought a good fight of faith, now is laid up for me a crown”. Go for the finish line. Go for the gold. Nurturing champions is not about how well you start but about how well you finish. The way you finish inspires those you leave behind.

Another hero started well. He was the pride of Israel. But on his death bed he declared, “I have played the fool”. Champion nurturers finish strong. They do not play the fool. They invest for the future. They invest for posterity. They do not seek popularity but they definitely seek an increased footprint!

Champion nurturer the right to have your voice speak from the grave is bestowed on those who model godly values and finish strong. Many have started well like my grandfather but spoiled their legacy through a poor finish.

The only limit to your legacy is the one you place on it yourself.

John Maxwell (paraphrase)

Nurturing champions has a multi-generational perspective. It answers the deepest yearning of the human spirit to contribute meaningfully to society and exercise influence transgenerationally. I trust that the journey we have shared, created a questing to deposit in the earth a legacy that outlives your earthly sojourn. The Bible says the memory of the just is blessed. May you die empty because you have emptied yourself into emerging champions who will carry your legacy into the future! May your quiver be empty because you have shot out your arrows to their destiny!

Mentoring increases your effectiveness through leveraging relationships and resources. Are you leveraging yours or are you hoarding them? Are you increasing someone else’s impact? Are you building someone else’s dream? Christian leaders should both mentor and be mentored for maximum impact on the world.

Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime.

-Reinhold Niebuhr

Similarly mentoring accelerates and intensifies character development and values assimilation. Will your values dying with you? Are your values and principles ingrained within your business or ministry? How will your business look after you are gone? Disney’s values still speak to our generation. How far into the future will your voice echo?

Champion, go for the gold! Increase your footprint! Increase your legacy! I charge you to seek influence beyond the immediate. Reach past your own generation. Put your hand in the hand of the master legacy builder, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Become part of his legacy! Your influence and legacy increases to the extent that you yield to his influence and legacy. His voice still echoes throughout the ages as it did in the dirty sandy streets of Judea. His values and philosophy still shape society. Has your life been shaped by His?

The greatest affirmation is yet to ring out, in that deep baritone voice. Well done good and faithful servant. Enter into your Father’s rest. Will it be for you? Are you ready for it? Go for the gold!

May your influence increase and may the sound of your voice speak to future generations. Till we meet again. Go for the gold!

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