Many proteges are challenged on how to cultivate a proper attitude toward their mentors. Mentors should not be idolised or worshipped• They are human
It is great to respect and admire your mentor. Learn from him. Observe him. Study him.•But do not worship him.
It is critical that a protege believe that he can surpass his mentor. Believe that you can go beyond him.
•Because those who harbour second best attitudes will invariably become only second-best achievers. A protege will never dreams to achieve higher goals than his mentor is betraying the mentor. A mentor who intimidates the protege to have small dreams is an insecure person.
By virtue of that fact that proteges stand on the shoulders of their mentors (giants), it enables them to see further and dream bigger than the mentors. Their line of sight and vision is further away.
Jesus told his disciples that they would do greater works than him because he was going to the Father. So why should we mentors be intimidated by the exploits of our proteges. After all they are extending our influence.
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  • Reply Barrack Otieno June 2, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    This is great Doc, Humility and the fear of the lord bring wealth honour and life, i suppose this is a standard principle and as a mentor sows into the life of the Protége, s/he actually becomes a better person

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