Distnctions Between Bible&Other Forms of God’s Voice

In this posting I provide critical distinctions between the Bible as an expression of God’s voice as compared to the other manifestations of God’s Voice. These are important to safeguard one’s faith. Enjoy

Three distinctions between the bible as the main expression of God’s voice and the other forms of revelation or God’s voice are:

a.)  God’s revelation in scripture is the standard or the measure for all matter of Christian faith and practice. However, all other forms of God’s voice are subject to testing against the standard of scripture. So whether you see a dream, whether you have a vision etc whatever you do, you have to judge it by the standard of scripture. The scripture is the standard, its the norm. So to ensure validity of all the other forms of God’s voice you have to test them and judge them against the scriptures

b.)  While scripture proclaims for itself an independent authority and an inherent authority, all other forms of God’s voice have derived authority to the extent to which they are consistent with the bible. So when you have a dream, an angelic visitation, to the extent that it is consistent with the written word, to that extent only will it have authority. If your supernatural experience is not consistent and in alignment with the written word of God it loses its authority

c.)  While scripture or the bible is universal with universal application, every encounter with God’s voice is personal and subject to the person to whom it is revealed. Put differently, other forms of God’s voice speak to a specific person, to a specific people at a specific time for a specific situation. So if you have your dream, you can’t come and teach us your dream and then expect us to live according to your dream. What God has shown you as a private revelation is for private use. It’s not universal; it applies to the specific person for a specific situation at a specific time. It’s a word to a specific people at a specific time within specific circumstances. So you don’t globalise and say you have to do it.

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