Practical Guidleines to Anointed Logic as Voice of God 1

Practical guidelines of hearing the voice of God using your renewed mind.

  1. The fact that we receive a dramatic supernatural manifestation of God’s voice does not necessarily mean that we fully understand the content of that guidance. When Paul saw that vision it did not mean he fully understood the content of the vision. He just understood that they needed to go to Macedonia. Many of us would have thought that fully understanding means that he was expecting and going to see a man. But as he started walking with God step by step, the practical reality showed that he was going to encounter a group of women not a man. So God revealed the clarity as they started moving. If you are waiting for clarity in terms of the voice of God you will wait forever. God brings clarity as you move on
  2. The fact that God’s voice was dramatic does not mean that it was God’s final word concerning his calling. In other words, he was not condemned to continue ministering in Macedonia for the rest of his life. He needed to decide once he was there when the time was up because God did not say how long he was going to be in Macedonia. The same way that God has not told you how long you are supposed to be at that job where you are. If God gives you practical insight that tells you you need to move on, move on and don’t wait for other confirming evidence.
  3. God’s voice is understood through our filters. What does that mean? You see when you see a dream, vision the filter of your mind and past experience will determine how you interpret that dream. So you need to re interpret it as new realities appear. If Paul had said because God spoke to me on the road to Damascus and he was so clear and I knew exactly what he said and he says now I saw this man, I am going to wait for the man when I get to Philippi and I want to see a man say Paul I am glad you heard the voice of God. If he had done that he would have been stuck. So Paul had to re interpret and say what is God saying, what is the principle behind what God is saying. He understood that this was just a symbol, God was just saying I want you to minister in Macedonia, and when he understood that and ministered in Macedonia and he laid the foundation for the preaching of the gospel and suddenly Europe was opened to the preaching of the gospel. He had fulfilled his call, that’s what was important.  In the early 1990s a young man,  came to me and said Brother what do I do, I had this dream and God showed me mycell leader who is single in a dream. I saw her come into our house and knock, when she knocked the whole family embraced her and they accepted her, we were watching television and everybody was talking about her and I felt that God was talking to me that this is the lady you are supposed to marry and I went to a well respected prophetic person and I told her and she confirmed the prophetic word to me. And I started shivering because I knew the end of the story. Because he didn’t think. He didn’t interpret what he saw. So I said what did you do? He said because I had seen a dream and it was confirmed by a respected prophetic person, so I went to my cell leader and I told her what I felt God was saying. And I looked at him and he looked down. You pay a price for not thinking. And I said then what happened? He said she said I pray for you my brother, I am already committed. God has spoken to me about somebody else, in two months we are getting married; the wedding banns have actually gone out. He was unwise and didn’t think. How do you go to somebody and you have not even done a background check, you don’t even know whether he is courting someone else and you just go with your revelation. Young ladies, if a young man comes to you and says God has spoken to me ask them what they know about you. If they don’t know anything about you tell them to take a ride or go and marry the dream. If they don’t know you, all they know is what they saw in the dream, you are in trouble. You interpret God’s voice through the filter of your mind. The filter may be faulty, that is why the bible says do not be conformed to the thinking of the world but let your mind be renewed by the word of God so that you may understand the perfect will of God. You understand the perfect will of God through a renewed mind. So you need to study the word, stay in the word so that your mind is renewed, and when your mind is renewed it can interpret correctly, it can think, if God has spoken to me I still need to do a due diligence on the sister.
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  • Reply vfconq March 8, 2011 at 8:22 am

    there is a point i used to think when God speaks to us about something in our lives He is specific and tells us everything, even to some extent right up until now. From your teaching I am learning it is not like that and last year i came to a point where i decided i need to move from the place I am working mainly to gain more exposure. The gut feeling I heard was move and i had my options of what i needed to do, it was not so clear where I needed to go, I had doubt at times on whether i should move, but from your teaching I know I just have to move even if I do not know the exact picture of what will transpire in the process of doing so but the end result will be exposure and elevation. Thank you Doc

  • Reply Vimbiso Matarise March 9, 2011 at 8:52 am

    What a teaching Doc. Thank you.

  • Reply drtaffie March 10, 2011 at 7:10 am

    The biggest revelation I had was read your bible daily. mediate on it and align your thinking to the word and align the word to your thinking.

  • Reply drtaffie March 10, 2011 at 7:11 am

    The biggest revelation I had was read your bible daily. mediate on it and align your thinking to the word and NOT align the word to your thinking.

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