Practical Guidelines On Anointed Logic as God’s Voice 2

  1. Some manifestations of God’s voice may be symbolic and not literal. If you looked at the vision that Paul had, it was symbolic. The important thing was getting him to Macedonia not to see a man. So you need to be able to be clear, you process, for you to know what is symbolic and what is literal, you need to use your mind. So it may not be a revelation of exact events, so what you are seeing may not be real, it may be a symbol. And because it’s a symbol you need to interpret it and that is where God uses the voice of your renewed mind to begin to understand and perceive and look at the practical realities an make a decision
  2. Practical thinking and insights play a role in God’s voice and can interact together with other dramatic manifestations of God’s voice. Put simply, your renewed mind thinking plays a role in the manifestation of God’s voice. So God respects your ability to think, your ability to decide, your ability to make up your mind and he sometimes uses it as a manifestation of his voice and it does not contradict, it is not mutually exclusive with dream and visions. As a matter of fact, God sometimes gives you a vision and he works out the outworking through you processing with your mind.
  3. While God can give us a dramatic experience of his voice to establish his call, he may expect us to modify it through practical insights as we move forward. Like he did to Paul, he showed him a vision and it was modified as he began to see, he worked with a lady not with a man and he began to see that he was not going to stay there forever and when he was asked to move out he moved out because he perceived he had fulfilled the call of God. He did not think that because God had spoken he needed God to speak again. Some of us are stuck because we are stuck at where God last spoke and God is saying I want you to move, I want you to take responsibility. I will modify the call; I will modify what I am doing with you as you move forward.
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  • Reply avodahlifecoach March 9, 2011 at 6:27 am

    I see, is that also what we call impressions? I felt led……?

    • Reply nurturingchampions March 9, 2011 at 8:36 am

      Thanks. Thisd is not the same. We will post on impressions soonesta nd you will see the fdifference. Here we are talking about using teh renewed mind. Have you noticed that sometimes you make a decision and then later realise that teh decision was simple and yet so accurate. Its using the mind of Christ in you.

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