Practical Guidlelines on Anointed Logic as God’s Voice 3

  1. While God may direct us on some occasions through his supernatural voice he more typically reveals the details of his will in our lives with practical insights one step at a time. As we see things unfold, as we move on God reveals the details, as he revealed to Paul, now I want you to do this, but he was moving on. God has given us our minds, he expects us to use them, if God doesn’t expect you to use your mind, that’s his problem, I expect you to use it. But I know he expects you to use it because he gave you the mind. He renewed it. He didn’t say kill your mind. You know there is something that happens to Christians that almost insults me you find a big father, a big man at work, who commands a big number of people at work, his voice at work is like the voice of God, he comes to church and he dwindles to be this little thing, saying I am just not mature. You think God trained you to think and trained you in the business world to come to church and become a sweeper. God wants you to use your strategic mind to develop things for the kingdom to make progress, and you are hiding and saying Pastor I am just here. Get out of hiding
  2. God’s calls may have time limits. In other words, many people feel bad because they think, if you go back to the original story I started with, this lady was saying I experienced God when I came in here but God did not say you are going to die in that workplace. You are going to think and move forward. The reason most of you who came from other churches are here is because you were thinking and God moved you forward. Not all of you had a supernatural encounter to move. Don’t get stuck and you feel you can’t move on because God spoke. The fact that God said move to Bulawayo and he has not said now move to Cape Town and there is a good opportunity, there is nothing and you sense that it is ok but God has not spoken, don’t get stuck in Bulawayo because God has spoken, you will rot in Bulawayo…. How many know that if Paul had stayed in Macedonia thinking the call was permanent he would have missed out
  3. Scripture reveals two kinds of calls. There is one clear and binding call that is permanent. But there was also an imaging or unfolding call to go to Macedonia….when God speaks to you in an unmistakable way, then more than likely, that’s an unchangeable call. But if he lives it open and you have interpret it then it’s an imaging call
  4. When dealing with an imaging call of God stay flexible and yet faithful to you current commitments. What am I saying? For example God brought you to this church and you feel God called you here. But because it’s an imaging call and you feel you are being led elsewhere, yes you can be flexible to move on but you have to be faithful to your current commitments. In other words you give enough warning to others to say guys I sense God is calling me to move on, how do I close this chapter, how do I work out of where I am. You don’t just pack your bags and disappear. If you are at work you don’t just say God told me to go to Cape Town, no notice, I am out of here. I will give you a five minute notice. Its called not thinking. Hearing God’s voice requires that we be practical and considerate of others whom we have commitments to. We must thus create transition mechanisms so that your commitments can still be met. You don’t drop the ball and run
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  • Reply elboboh March 10, 2011 at 8:44 am

    I have been following up on this teaching and I have learnt how important it is for me to renew my mind through studying the word of God. I pray to God that I may increase my knowledge of God’s word so that my mind can be renewed more and more! Thank you Doc for the inspiring and lifechanging teaching. I love you so much. May God increase you in your ministry

  • Reply vfconq March 10, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    practicality at its best Doc, we tend to search so much for the “supernatural” whilst the supernatural is within us and has given us wisdom, knowledge and understanding to handle situations

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