Audible Voice of God

The bible clearly teaches us that hearing the voice of God has been the hallmark of a relationship with him from the Garden of Eden, up to today. And you notice in Genesis 3:8 that God would come down and talk to men (Adam and Eve). I don’t know how they heard the sound of the voice of God, but I believe they were hearing the audible voice of God. So God would come and walk with them and he would talk with them, fellowship with them and God still desires to fellowship with his people. So as a child of God you should have experiences of hearing the voice of God. But I want you to understand that despite what most people think the audible voice of God is not as frequent as most people think. It’s a rare occasion when God speaks to you with his audible voice. For those who don’t know, audible means that which you can hear by your ear. We have already said there are about twelve ways God speaks to us. But you cannot prescribe and say God I want you to speak to me this way. It is up to God how he speaks to you. He will choose the method by which he speaks to you, but you as a child of God you should be able to say Lord I am willing, Lord I am ready to hear voice, speak to me Lord I am listening. And you will discover that the bible clearly says that the people who have walked with God when you look at the people who are mentioned in the hall of faith in Hebrews 11, these are men and women who had heard the voice of God, had sought to understand the word of God and sought to obey it and as they did that God counted them as heroes. God is still writing Hebrews 11, it’s not concluded as yet. As we encounter the voice of God, as we obey the voice of God, as we seek to walk in His ways, God will begin to write our names and we will become the heroes that others speak about. The things that we achieve, the exploits we do will be recorded and people will say look what God has done in their lives. So we should always be ready to hear the voice of God. So on the audible voice of God there are instances in the bible where it records how God has spoken to his people in an audible voice where other people can hear it or where you can hear it and know that I have heard beyond a shadow of doubt. But this is one of the rarest incidences of God speaking to people. So, don’t particularly pay special attention to people who say God speaks to me in an audible voice every day, because God is not a fool because as we look at the record of the bible, he doesn’t speak that frequently in an audible voice. Now if you insist on hearing God’s voice through the audible voice, you may just hear a voice and you may think its God. So don’t seek the audible voice of God. Seek God and he will speak to you as he sees fit.

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