Two forms of God’s Audible Voice

The audible voice of God manifest in two ways.:

  1. The external audible voice of God is the voice which you hear with your external ear. And when you hear it, other people around you will hear it also, they will hear that surely there was a voice which spoke. The external audible voice is fairly rare and infrequent.
  2. The internal audible voice of God is one where you are the only one who hears it but it will be just as real. As you know, people have external ears and internal ears. Now when you hear the internal audible voice of God, you are the one who hears it and you say it’s so real, it’s so majestic, it’s so authoritative and you ask others, did you hear that and they say, hear what? Because they didn’t hear anything. But it was so real to you.

Tomorrow we discuss in detail aspects of the external audible voice. Hang on.

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