Audible Voice of God Summary

Let’s now draw some principles out of hearing both these two forms of God’s audible voice;

  1. We only find encounters of the audible voice of God at turning points in the lives of the saints and in the lives of the history of the church. If it is not a turning point, if it is not critical to the agenda of God you will not encounter the audible voice of God, whether it’s internal or external. That is why it is rare because there are very critical turning points in the lives of the saints and of the history of the church.
  2. The audible voice of God comes when the ministry or the task to be performed is extraordinarily difficult to accept or believe. When God said Paul I commission you to be an apostle to the gentiles, even the church will reject you in the beginning but this is a mammoth task and then God says because this is so extraordinary you will need to hear that sound, you will need to go back to that voice so that it becomes the assurance of where you are going so that when you face insurmountable obstacles you will go back and say I know I heard the voice of the Lord, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I had an encounter with the voice of God; therefore I can scale any mountain, I can scale any challenge, that is why Paul said I am not afraid of anything, I am prepared to even lay down my life because he was convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that he heard the voice of God.  Now, convince me the extraordinariness and the difficulty of the calling of God on your life and I will believe that you heard the voice of God, when you come to me and say I have heard the audible voice of God.
  3. You also encounter the audible voice of God when the task to be undertaken is so hard that it requires clarity of assurance for you to have the encouragement to endure what you are going to go through. Remember we said the more distinct, the more expressive, the more supernatural the voice of God, its an indicator of the task ahead, how difficult it will be.
  4. Each time when God speaks audibly, his mercy is displayed and his son is honoured. If the voice does not honour the person of Christ, if the voice doesn’t capture the spirit and the character and nature of Christ then it is not the voice of God. There are so many voices that speak in the earth but very few of them are the voice of God. So you always need to judge the voice
  5. God speaks only regularly in an audible voice, to the people he is raising to prominent places of significant leadership at significant times in the life of the church
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