Defining Prophecy

Today I want us to talk about encountering God’s prophetic voice. You know one of the ways that God speaks to us is through prophetic words. Let’s start by defining what prophecy is. Now prophecy is speaking forth the mind and counsel of God. So when God puts his mind and counsel into the heart of someone who speaks it forth into your life, that’s prophecy. I was asking one of my daughters recently whether she had ever received a prophetic word and she said she had not. But you know you don’t have to wait for a Pastor to prophecy over your life. You can get the word of God and prophecy over your life, prophesy over your situation; when you know the mind of God, when you have word of God, take that word and begin to speak it into your life. You can look at the word and say the word of God says the Lord is a sun and shield, he will not withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly; and you say now Makoni I prophesy unto you, because you walk uprightly, the Lord will not withhold any good thing, the Lord gives grace and glory, there is abundance of grace in your life, there is abundance of glory in your life. As you begin to speak and prophesy that word to yourself to the Holy Spirit will begin to say this person is prophesying so much themselves I might as well send them somebody else to prophesy. If they won’t prophesy I will prophecy to my situation because I know the mind of God, I know the counsel of God. When I go into the word of God I declare the word of God for my life over my situations, and when I do that I am prophesying. So declare the word of God over your life, over your business and say it is well. Declare over your business and say your gates shall continually be open so that the gentiles may bring the wealth of the earth and suddenly customers, clients; people are calling you middle of the night saying you know I can’t sleep, I have to do business with you. So you can prophecy to yourself.

But there are two aspects to the word prophesy. The word prophetia in Greek – it means forth telling which means declaring, declaring that is not predictive. You are declaring God’s will and Gods counsel which is what I was talking about. It can be somebody declaring the purpose of God for your life or it can be you declaring it for yourself. It’s speaking into your life what God says about you. Because you know what God says is the reality. Prophecy is basically an unveiling of the mind of God. If you discover the mind of God for your situation and begin to declare it with authority and passion – suddenly that’s a prophecy, that’s forth telling. The second aspect is foretelling – telling the future, it’s predicting, you are talking about things that will come to pass, things that have not happened as yet. You see when Isaiah was saying a virgin shall conceive, he was speaking forth years into the future, which is foretelling. It’s a declaration of the mind of God as it is now…so somebody can look into you and say you know I see in you the glory of God, I see a grace and favour that has not been seen before, that is a prophetic declaration and it becomes reality when it is inspired by the holy spirit of God.

To define it in simple terms, a prophetic word is a specific word of God, at a specific time, to a specific person or group of persons and it’s mostly spoken by another person. It’s a specific word of God which is spoken specifically to you looking at your circumstances, looking at where you are at and God says I know my mind, I know my counsel concerning your situation, I know my counsel concerning what is going to happen to you and he places it in the heart of somebody who comes and declares that word. That’s prophecy. It’s so specific to you, to your situation and circumstances that is why sometimes when the prophetic word is spoken it resonates with you that you start saying how have they read my mail. It’s almost like somebody has been going through and they can even read your mind, it’s just because they have been given a word and God is telling you that I love you enough, I know what you are thinking, I know what you are going through, I know the challenges you are going through but I have a purpose and a plan.

Now, because it’s specific to a person you cannot take somebody’s prophecy and say suddenly it’s mine. Its specific, it’s not universal. It’s what God is speaking to a specific audience. That is why every year different men of God will stand up and say this is the year of multiplication, somebody says its a year of war, somebody says this is a year of this. Does it mean that God is confused? No he is not. It simply meant for that audience that God is speaking to that is what God’s will and counsel for them, but for the other audience it’s something else. So there is no confusion in the mind of God: it’s a specific word, for a specific people at a specific time spoken through another person. Dr Bill Hamon defines prophecy as simply God communicating His thoughts and His intents to mankind, God sharing His mind with mankind. The bible says God will not do anything in the earth unless He first reveals it to His servants the Prophets. And we see in 1 Cori 13:39-40, the bible says “So then brothers seek to prophesy”. It doesn’t say seek to receive prophecy, which is what most Christians are doing, they are trying to run around to receive prophecy and suddenly you have all kinds of shenanigans prophesying over your life and you start living lives that we don’t understand because you have been seeking prophecy. The bible does not say seek prophecy, it doesn’t say seek a word from God or somebody to speak to your life. It says seek to prophesy, desire to prophesy, desire to declare the mind of God, desire to declare the purposes of God, desire to understand the counsel of God that you may declare it; and when you declare it into somebody’s life – you know what the bible says, that he who waters others will himself be watered. So the best way to get a prophecy is to begin to say God speak to me about somebody, give me a word for somebody, as you do that God will water you also.

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  • Reply Pastor Stephen Mashingaidze April 4, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Pastor Sir Dr , you have written one of the greatest empowering article and am impressed by the wisdom that God has put in you and will learn more from it your a river of living waters and many will draw from you thank you for listening to God’s call early.

    • Reply nurturingchampions April 4, 2011 at 2:00 pm

      Thank you Pastor Stephen. Will draw from your wisdom as well. Stay bless as you labour in His vineyard

  • Reply Siphokazi Ngako August 10, 2012 at 12:49 am

    I feel so blessesd and relieved,I have estranged my self from God and his love and Her brought an angel in my life who showed me the way back to Christ….I can say with confidence the moment she was done talking to me about how I have a friend in God and how he has every thing planned for me ,I felt as though a huge load was been removed from me….I recently started reading my bible and always lookup up topics on the net and they really do Motivate …Thank u

  • Reply sharon February 20, 2013 at 5:23 am

    Very good word I got a lot out of the things that you have written.

  • Reply B. Williamson December 12, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    I am blessed by this article. would like scripture references to what you’re saying.

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