Nature of Prophetic Word

Now lets look at the nature of prophetic words. Prophetic words by nature are partial, progressive and conditional. By partial we mean, they are not complete. It’s very rare for God to give you a word that is so complete that tells you everything that he wants to say about the subject. In other words you need to go back to God; you need to seek some confirming evidence. As you walk with God he then begins to unveil the whole. In the beginning he shows you a picture, he shows you what is going to happen, but he then fills in the stages as you go along. So it’s incomplete in itself.  So you rarely get the complete direction of everything that God wants to say to you in one prophetic word. It’s partial. But as you seek God, and stay in His presence, he begins to give more detail. Go back to the bible and you discover that it started talking about the Messiah right in the beginning when man had just sinned. God said the seed of the woman will crash the head of the serpent – you say what language is that, what on earth He is saying. So it was just a seed of the prophetic word, but as we go along the bible he begins to add flesh stage by stage until it became clear what he meant. So prophetic words are partial. So when you get a prophetic word don’t start running. You know the bible talks about a young man when Joab and the children of Israel had gone to war and he said to an African, a Cushite: Absalom is dead, you Cushite go and give the message to the King, and then another young man who is normally used as the messenger, he said let me run also; the other one said why do you want to run you have no message to carry; he said yes I don’t have a message but I just want to run. You know there are lots of people like that, they are running around without the word of God, without a message, but when they open their mouth you think they have a message from God, not everybody who opens his mouth has a message from God. But there are also Christians who just hear the first sound of an encounter with the voice of God they start running and you say where are you going. When you hear a prophetic word, the first thing you want to do is not to run but to sit and investigate it, study it because there is always more.  If you run with a partial you will get a partial blessing. Partial does not mean part is true part is not true. It simply means it’s not complete. You need to go back to the source and get more information.

But we also said it’s progressive which means the prophetic word is unfolding. As you walk with God, as you seek him, as you fellowship with Him he begins to add flesh to what he has spoken to you and slowly you begin to see clearly as you seek Him, as you seek his face and not just running around with first sound. So God adds more information as you pursue Him.

Finally we said the third nature of a prophetic word is that it is conditional. In other words there is something in most cases that God wants you to do for it to come to pass. You don’t just hear a prophetic word and you think its just going to happen. God will put a condition, a requirement. There is something you are going to have to do for you to succeed.  For example, we can’t say that because God says you prosper and  you are corrupt, bribing people and you think you are going to prosper. You may make money for a season, but you know what the bible tells me? It says ill gotten wealth will soon fly away. But if you want a prosperity that comes from God you will have to run your business ethically. You have to know something about the law of seed time and harvest time. You can’t be a robber of God and expect prosperity.

So prophetic words are partial, progressive and conditional.

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  • Reply nokuthula April 6, 2011 at 6:19 am

    i loved this really opened my eyes as i did the mistake of getting a word and running with it without the full information and i got stuck in the middle.somehow felt that maybe it had been a lie but this has really closed all doubt.thank you so much. stay blessed.

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