Prophetic Protocol 101

Let’s talk about some practical things, what I will call prophetic protocol. I want you to listen carefully because this will save you a lot of heartache, both as a prophetic person or somebody receiving a prophetic word.

  1. Do not assume that just because you received a prophetic word, you have God’s permission to share it. You know we have Christians who go around, the moment they have a dream, the moment they have something that God has shown them they go around telling everybody. Sometimes God is just showing you so that you pray about it. You remember Paul was saying in 1 Corinthians 12:4 he heard revelations which no man is allowed to share. It’s the immature who will share everything they have heard from God. Sometimes God just wants you to pray about it. Sometimes it’s just not the right time. He may show you something, and he will prepare you for the time. He can show you something three years before it happens. So it takes maturity to be silent when God is silent. But it takes even more maturity to be silent when God has shown you things and he has not released you to say it. Remember when we were talking about prophetic application we said when you understand the revelation, when you have the interpretation you have to ask God how do I apply, where do I share the word and to who do I share the word. If you share the word to the wrong person they may interpret it and you end up in a pit and don’t blame God. God may redeem the situation by taking you out of the pit, but sometimes some the pits we get ourselves into are unnecessary. So wait for the divine timing for release of the prophetic revelation.
  2. Exercise humility in giving prophetic words. Don’t try to be so pompous and arrogant and say you know as I was praying brethren, God himself, he did not send an angel, he came himself. Some will begin to say “brothers as usual God woke me up in the night. You know once we have delivered the word, part of exercising humility is to the leave the result for Gweru. You know there are some very strange Christians. Prophetic people are strange. Some of them take it so personally; they begin to say if I gave you a prophetic word you must do it. If you don’t they will shout at you saying why are you not doing what I God told you to do. Yours as a prophetic person was to share the word and then walk out; I will interpret it and apply it. That is why you see a lot beginning to shout at people saying they are rebellious because of the prophetic word that they did not do. if you disregard a prophetic word you just miss out, end of story.If you find a prophetic person threatening g you for not doing what they saw   it means their ego is tied un with there hearing God. My responsibility as a preacher is just to preach the word. I am not responsible for what you do with it.. if you don’t want to be offended. Do not be emotionally bound to the word that you have given where you feel rejected if they have not done what you told them. Remember God said to Samuel they have not rejected you they have rejected me. So why are you throwing a scene because people have not done anything with the word you spoke. Your job is to deliver the word and retire and not supervise it’s implementation
  3. Allow for accountability. Give the people you are giving the word the opportunity to come and say what exactly did God say. Let them come for clarification. If you are given a prophetic word, go for clarification. If somebody doesn’t want clarification they are not accountable. Its more important if you understand what we were talking about to say what is the interpretation so that you may be part of the process for interpreting the word
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