Prophetic protocol 102

Today lets continue with practical aspects of the prophetic voice which we started yesterday.

  1. Do not be too dogmatic and categorical. In other words you don’t stand up and say God clearly spoke to me, I heard the voice of God so distinctly and he told me sister you are going to marry me. Like a young man came to a young lady when we were at university  and said God told me that  you should marry me and if you don’t you are going to be unhappy the rest of your life. So she came to me, asking what do to do? And I said to her “Tell him to take a hike and enjoy your life. Don’t be manipulated.”
  2. Do not share negative words publicly. You don’t stand up and say Sister God is telling me that you have been committing adultery, repent now. No you don’t. Remember prophetic words are for encouragement, comfort and exhortation. God is redemptive. You can share the word with tact and the person will know beyond a shadow of doubt that God has my number, he has discovered what I was doing – and they will repent. I have heard some people say you know whenever God says something to you tell it exactly as it is said, if you try to be tactful you are being unfaithful to God. Listen to me, they are lying. If you are not being tactful, you are being foolish. You have to be tactful. You know if you tell a negative prophetic word either publicly or to another person who is not the person to whom it is directed, you are sure committing sin. If the prophetic word is true, the sin you are committing is gossip; if the prophetic word is not true, then the sin you are committing is slander. You are assassinating somebody’s character. So prophetic words which are negative are never shared publicly or to another person, you go to the person in question. Unless the person will not receive it and you go to somebody in spiritual authority for guidance. So don’t abuse people
  3. When you receive a prophetic word from someone, it should confirm like we saw in Paul’s experience, what God has already been saying to you; if it is not confirmation, hold it at arm’s length until God himself confirms it to you. In other words a prophetic word needs to go through a confirmation process. Remember it is partial, so you need to seek God and understand what he is saying so that you walk, based on that word, with clarity. Kenneth E Hagin says: Do not build your life on prophecies and do not be guided by prophecies, be guided by the word of God. You know when you have a prophetic word for example that says you are going to be married in 2009 and then you start hunting and you are keeping your eyes open saying where is the brother/sister and look at everyone; when you begin to search for the fulfilment of the prophetic word, almost 99% you get the wrong person. You are not responsible for the fulfilment of the prophetic word, God is; you do your part and he will bring the person. If God says I am going to bring a business deal your way, I am going to connect you with people, don’t start looking for people to connect you because you will connect with something which will look like the fulfilment of the prophetic word. Remember the bible says the devil himself transforms himself into an angel of light. If you seek too desperately the fulfilment of a prophecy, the devil will just supply its fulfilment and you will walk into deception
  4. If you step out into a new direction based on prophetic word, without prophetic confirmation you are likely to get off track. Do not work on a prophetic word that you are not convinced of particularly if it’s of strategic significance, take your time, God is not in a hurry. Don’t listen to these people who say when God has spoken do it quickly because if you don’t you will miss what God is doing. It took him more than 2000 years for the Messiah to come. God is not in a hurry. If you feel pressured to do something for the fulfilment of the prophetic word dig your wheels in and say I will wait.  As a prominent musician sang a song that says “I don’t mind waiting on the Lord.”
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  • Reply Tendai Garwe April 8, 2011 at 7:52 am

    This is so my word in season dad, thank you for this great teaching. Because i have been trying to understand this beautiful gift that people tend to misuse to manipulate situations and gain mileage using, thus says th lord. Now it makes sense, all things are made beautiful, in his time. Because when one is truly told who their husband is, we tend to want to be a lil holy ghost and assist God to bring His word to pass. Because it is His perfect will, wait, He will perfect it. Also the prophetic tend to hold people and the church at ransom. The prophetic should not be the focus, the word of God should, i love that. Thank you so much, God continue to use you mightily. I am looking forward to a book on this one!

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