Criterion for Judging Prophetic Words

Criterion for judging prophetic words

  1. The first way to judge a prophetic word is to say does it line up with scripture. The bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 – he is saying we must test and prove prophetic utterances. You test every prophetic word, you test it’s veracity, you test it’s accuracy and alignment with the word of God. When you have tested it then you can hold on to that which is good. I like the way Pastor Tom says it, he says you Christians are so interesting, you should learn from the wise old cow, it will chew the curd and spit out the sticks. But most Christians will chew the curd, the grass and swallow the sticks then they have constipation after an encounter with the prophetic and they blame God. What does it mean? It means not everything in a prophetic word may be from God. Some of it may be the human flesh. So when you see that which is not of God, just get the grass and spit the sticks. You don’t go to the prophetic person and say you know what three quarters are the sticks; you listen discreetly and judge. If Paul had not learnt how to spit the sticks he would not have gone to Jerusalem and he would have missed God, under the guise of hearing from God. There are many people who have missed God’s purpose because they misunderstood; they misinterpreted what was being said. So Christians should always study the word of God; that is why we say be on the daily bible reading programme because it is the word that you have hidden in your heart that you will use to judge prophetic words because the Holy Spirit will never contradict the written word of God. If you have a prophetic word that contradicts the written word, one of the two should be wrong and it will be the prophetic word. So prophetic words should be consistent with the word of God; the written word of God in later, in spirit and in character.
  2. Is the prophecy given in love and in grace? Because the bible teaches us that NT prophecy is given for edification, exhortation and for comfort and that it reflects the character and the spirit of Christ.
  3. Is there a possibility that the prophetic word is tainted or it’s biased. Tainting simply means this; if because of my past experience, if because of what I think or how I have been conditioned I can taint the prophetic word; for example somebody who has been abused may begin to speak a prophetic word that is harsh and judgemental. So you have to say is there a tainting. Someone who has a religious bias will look at a sister who has make up and say sister I discern there is a spirit of prostitution, simply because the sister is wearing a pair of trousers. Now, that is religious bias.
  4. Do I sense a witness of the spirit? Remember we spoke about the inward witness. When they speak do I resonate with this word? Does it touch a nerve in my spirit? Does my spirit receive it or is there a check, is there warning against this word or do I feel peace?
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