Judging Prophetic Words 2

Another way to judge prophetic words is to look at teh cahracter of the one giving the word. What is the character and the fruit of the person giving the word? If the person is living an interestingly ungodly life, its wise not to listen to their word. Bill Hamon says you should judge prophetic words or prophetic people by ten Ms:

3.1       manhood – are they a man or woman of God, are they walking in character with God

3.2       Ministry – do they exhibit the fruit of a mature, loving, grace filled ministry?

3.3       Message – do they speak the message of truth in love, in a balanced scriptural way?

3.4       Maturity – do they display the right attitude and heavenly wisdom in every relationship they are engaged in.

3.5       Marriage – is their life biblically in order with right prioritise in terms of marriage

3.6       Methods – are they righteous, ethical and full of the dignity in their methods. For  example if a prophetic person comes and says God has given me a prophetic word     but before you receive the word and for it too work in your life you must give me      money. That is not ethical. You know how Christians do it, we put it in spiritual ways; we say because of the prophetic word that I am going to give you must sow into the    prophetic word and this seed you are sowing is not going into the ministry, it’s going       to the prophet. That is not ethical. If somebody comes to your business and they say I have a prophetic word but God says you must pay my child’s school fees tell them    you and your God take a hike, you are not going to have a part of my money. I        believe in blessing man of God, especially this one and my boss. I believe in blessing   man of God but we should not be manipulated by man of God. So their methods should not be manipulative or deceptive.

3.7       Manners – are they selfish, are they polite, kind and discreet, are they gentle or they just rumble and say I tell it as it is like the Daily News. The Daily News told it as it is and it got bombed. You may just get bombed as well.

3.8       Money – how do they handle money? Do they love money? Do they have a proper perspective and stewardship in money?

3.9       Morality – how is their morality? Do they walk morally? Are they sexually pure? Do   they display right attitudes, thoughts and actions in all situations?

3.10     Motives – check their motives. Are they conflicted?

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