So what are dreams exactly? Dreams consist of images that are accompanied by thoughts and emotions which we see on the spirit of our minds while we are sleeping. Think about it, we talk about meditation; we talk about visualisation – how better can you visualise or meditate unless God shows you a picture? You know, look at your dreams as previews of coming attractions. So God sees the end from the beginning and he says let me just show you previews of coming attractions. You were told in your family that no one in this family ever gets married and then while you are sleeping God begins to show you this beautiful wedding day and you begin to say I was just day dreaming – day dreaming at night? Is it possible God is recalibrating your mind to say this is the picture I am showing you, I want you to visualise yourself, see yourself walking down that aisle; and beginning to say I do which then changes the pattern in your family because God has spoken to your mind and he has sealed your instruction in the night season. So God seals and paints those pictures. And you should hold those pictures dear and keep them running in the screen of your mind. They are powerful tools for the fulfilment of God’s destiny for your life. You know there is no communication that is as intimate as a dream whispered in our souls in the middle of the night. Can you imagine the God who does not sleep nor slumber; he visits you at night and whispers things into your soul. Think about this, Solomon, he has just been crowned King and he is shuddering and saying I am just a young man how can I lead these people; while he is wondering, thinking, pondering and shivering about his assignment God visits him at night and he says ask of me anything you want; did you know it was not a vision, God visited him in a dream and said ask of me. And the bible says Solomon said I am young and small I don’t know how to lead this great nation Lord give me an understanding heart and God said that’s it. Read your bible again Solomon was dreaming, he was not praying, Solomon did not pray for wisdom, he dreamt praying for wisdom and God granted that dream, it became a reality. Solomon was thinking who am I, after all I am a child of an illegal marriage; my mother is Bathsheba, my father killed Uriah the husband, and the first child died and how do I know maybe God has just given me a grace period and I am going to die also. He was worried and concerned about all those things, and God speaks to his heart by visiting him at night, and he speaks destiny, greatness into his life; that is the power of a God given dream. I can tell you, Solomon was nervous because he had had an intimate communication with God. You know, supernatural dreams are detailed, they are specific and they are purposeful. Its’ not just you dreaming, if you dream of yourself being chased by a lion don’t begin to pray about it just cast the thing out, it’s the devil. Don’t become spiritual and begin to say it’s probably the lion of Judah chasing me; the lion of Judah doesn’t chase anyone. So spiritual dreams are so vivid and they are real, they stimulate and they engage your mind. You know the bible tells us that the people who experienced spiritual dreams they would wake up and recount the dreams in detail, they would remember them; so when you remember that dream you wake and write it down, it’s so clear, it’s so vivid, so purposeful and specific – God does not waste dreams, he does not waste his voice; he is intentional and purposeful – when he speaks into your life there is a purpose; if you don’t find a purpose in that dream it’s not God. When God speaks there is always a goal and an agenda

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