Dreams as God’s Voice 101

Lets do a survey of what the bible says or God does through dreams.

  1. God declared that he would speak through dreams and visions in the OT. Numbers 12:6. So God said he would speak to his prophets in the future through dreams
  2. God declared that he did speak through dreams and visions in the OT. Not only did he promise it but he actually did it. Hosea 12:10
  3. Not only did he promise to speak and did speak through visions and dreams but he has declared that he will speak in the NT to his saints through dreams and visions. Acts 2:17
  4. God declared that he will counsel and give advice to us through dreams and visions of the night. Psalm 16:7. Some of us spend too much time trying to get to the Pastor’s counselling sessions. The bible says in those days none shall teach them, each one of them will know. Is it possible God is saying I will speak to you about the problems you are encountering through dreams? The bible says the Holy Spirit is our counsellor, do you think he has a problem visiting you during the night hour and counselling you and give you clues and solutions to the problems you are dealing with. The bible teaches us that we are all Priests, we can hear God for ourselves
  5. Most of us think of our dreams as fatalistic, as things that threaten us or can kill us; but in Job 33 it says God is calling us to change so that we don’t perish. So our dreams can be used as a warning signal so that we don’t perish.
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