Dreams 102 Purpose of Dreams

The purpose of Dreams

  1. Dreams can warn of events that have been decreed by God. Things that are going to happen and he warns you so that you can be prepared. For example remember the dream that Pharaoh had when he dreamt of the lean cows eating the fat cows. God was warning him of the famine that was coming. He was actually preparing them for what was coming so that if they do something about that dream suddenly their destiny changes. So when God shows you a dream it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to die, he may just be showing you things so that you prepare or do something about it, pray about it and prevent calamities that the devil may be trying to bring across. So God will show you and say this is what the enemy has planned against you but I am alerting you so that you may begin to pray, intercede, so that you may stop the plans of the enemy. Think about Joseph. You know, Jesus is born, in Matthew 2 God visits Joseph in a dream and says take the child down to Egypt because there are people who are after his life. If dreams were not important, why would God leave the destiny of the Messiah to a dream? If Joseph had not had that dream, if he had not seen it as God’s word or God’s voice speaking to him, he would have just said ha ha after Mary’s cooking last night, that was too much pizza. Jesus would have been killed. But God trusted Joseph to hear his voice in a dream, so he warned him, gave him instructions to leave and go to Egypt and because of that, when Herod came and unleashed his murderous holocaust, he could not find the Messiah because he had been forewarned by a dream
  2. Sometimes God gives you a dream to encourage and to comfort you. Remember in Acts 18:9-10, Paul is at Corinth and he has had a very unfruitful ministry in Corinth, he is resisted and now there are people who are threatening to kill him. and at night when he sleeps the Lord Jesus Christ appears to him in a dream and says Paul fear not, I am with you, they will not harm you, I will strengthen you, I will encourage you, I still have many people in this city and I still have a mission for you in this city. God was speaking to the Apostle Paul through a dream to comfort him, to encourage him, to strengthen his hands for ministry. And most of us are too spiritual we say God all I want is just an audible voice, I don’t want these dreams, they are too natural, they are too common and you say what will people say when I stand up as a man of God and I say I dreamt. Remember we don’t prescribe for God how he speaks to us, he chooses the method; but you need to understand so that you discern it when he speaks to you. The reason I am teaching you is so that you may understand the dealings of God; you may understand the manifestations of the voice of God, so that when he speaks to your heart you can take heed of it and begin to be comforted and encouraged. There are so many people who have had their parent and God speaks to them and they see a vision, they see a dream, and they were wondering all their lifetime, I wonder whatever happened to my father…since my father committed suicide, did he ever get an opportunity to accept Christ, where is he now. There are people who have been visited by Christ and he shows them that love and joy in heaven. It’s God comforting his people. God has no problems speaking to you in the night seasons.
  3. God can provide guidance through a dream. Remember Paul in Acts 16:9, he is considering his ministry options and in a dream he sees a man from Macedonia saying come, and God commissions him to go on ministry in Macedonia and that opened the door for the gospel to get into the whole of Europe. Through a dream! And you are saying  I don’t listen to dreams, I am too spiritual, if God doesn’t speak to me through the bible I am not moving, until God speaks to me through the bible and say come to Malawi – there is no verse that says come to Malawi. You are going to wait for eternity and miss the agenda of God because you have convinced yourself that God only speaks through the bible. God confirms his voice through the bible but God is contemporary, God can speak to you today in a dream and he seals your assignment, he seals your business model and I can tell you there are people who have had dreams and said I have just discovered my business model I have been crying to God and so now they can start their business. He has seen the end from the beginning. He declares sometimes in a dream, and says Paul, you have opened up Asia, but the next great move of God is from Europe and God sends a man in a dream and he says come and help us. Is there a customer somewhere who is speaking to you and saying come and help us and you are saying it’s just pizza. We need to discern God’s dealings with his people.
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