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  1. God will use dreams as a season of intimate communication. Just imagine Solomon. 1 Kings 3, he was insecure, his brothers had actually been trying to become King before him and he knew he was not even the first born. And there were accusations in the city that you just became King by favouritism, wait until we get you. And God comes to that young man and he says ask whatever you will and Solomon became a wise King because he met the voice of God in a dream.
  2. To reveal future events and God’s plans. Can you imagine, the bible clearly tells us that all of the events of the end times as revealed in the book of Daniel, they were revealed through a dream? Now if God confines the whole of the eschatology, the whole of the doctrine of the end times to a man’s dream and you take dreams likely. Even John the revelatory on the Island of Patmos, God spoke to him in a dream. God taking men from his level and bringing him to God’s level and sealing the purposes of eternity through a dream.
  3. God can issue a command or an instruction through a dream. Remember we talked about Matthew 1:20-21 when the angel appeared to Joseph and said take the child out of Egypt. That was an instruction. Is it possible you are missing God’s instructions because you have disregarded dreams? In Matthew 2:13 when Herod has died, again in a dream; Just read Matthew 1 and 2, the whole events surrounding the birth of Christ were filled with dreams; God communicating, his voice manifesting through a dream, and he says go back now because the people who want to kill him are dead, now you can take him out of Egypt. He seals the instruction
  4. God can speak to unbelievers through dreams. You know there are some people who will never make it to church but God can encounter them in a dream and he speaks to them. And you say to me, how do you know? Because I read my bible. Do you remember when Christ was about to be crucified and he was before Pilate and Pilate was deciding, what do I do with this man, and Pilate’s wife comes and says have nothing to do with this innocent man’s blood because in a dream tonight it was confirmed that this man is innocent. And that dream allowed Pilate to say I find no fault in him. it was critical in the agenda of God that there will be no blemish, there will be no fault, there will be no sin, no iniquity in the lamb of God who would be sacrificed for the sins of mankind because if fault or blemish had been found he would be disqualified to be our Messiah, he would be disqualified from being our sacrifice. But God confirmed the fact that the Messiah was pure and undiluted through a dream, and you and I despise dreams, who do you think you are? You are like the people Jesus spoke about and said I know why you are following me, because you want the bread. And most Christians they want the bread, they want to hear God’s audible voice saying my son my son here I am your God; and if God doesn’t speak in an audible voice, God has not spoken. Remember the wise man, they had seen Jesus; remember Herod had given them instruction to say come back and give me word, and in a dream God warns them and says don’t go by Herod’s house. Because God knew but they didn’t understand what Herod had purposed. But God spoke to unbelievers, and there are testimony is all over the world of Moslems who are saying I want to know this Jesus because in a dream he appeared to me and he directed me to read the bible and when they begin to read the bible they begin to see the Messiah. God can speak to unbelievers and he draws their attention in a dream
  5. Through a dream God unleashes divine creativity. Many of us think we are too educated to hear from God, that is why you are not innovative. I hear people in business say all the time think out of the box, think about the box when you are in the box yourself. Think about these people, this is documented: Albert Einstein he says the theory of relativity which has shaped the whole of physics, he says it was revealed to him in a dream. It was not human intelligence, it was a dream. God sealed the future into a dream. Neil B…who received a Nobel Prize; for those who understand physics we have a theory called quantum theory, he received the knowledge in a dream. Is it possible that while you are struggling to solve a client’s problem you can pray and say God as I go to sleep begin to speak to me whichever way you want to and God will begin to show you that this is the problem, this is how you solve it and you begin to walk into that business and solve it and collect your thousands of dollars. You think God doesn’t care about ordinary things. Elias….who created the sewing machine, he says the whole idea of the sewing machine he saw it in a dream. What are the things that God is showing you in a dream and you are ignoring? Is it possible that your destiny is linked to the dreams that you have ignored. Because you discussed with your friends and they said you and your dreams.
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