Giving to Parents and family

We should give to our families and take care of them. The Bible teaches that we should honour and take care of our parents and family. Many Christians seem to ignore taking care of their parents in old age. My wife and I have diligently committed to monthly provide for both sides of our parents. We have encouraged our siblings to do the same as they are all Christians. Consequently although my father is retired as an educator he monthly receives more than an active educator while in retirement.

Mark 7:10-13 says,” For Moses said, Honor (revere with tenderness of feeling and deference) your father and your mother, and, He who curses or
reviles or speaks evil of or abuses or treats improperly his father or mother, let him surely die. [Ex 20:12; 21:17; Lev 20:9; Deut 5:16.]  But [as for you] you say, A man is exempt if he tells [his] father or [his] mother, What you would otherwise have gained from me [everything I have that would have been of use to you] is Corban, that is, is a gift [already given as an offering to God],  Then you no longer are permitting him to do
anything for [his] father or mother [but are letting him off from helping them].
Thus you are nullifying and making void and of no effect [the authority of] the Word of God through your tradition, which you [in turn] hand on. And many things of this kind you are doing.” AMP

Let me categorically state on the basis of this scripture that you giving to God does not exempt you from taking care of your parents financially.

Here is another witness to the need for Christians to take care of their families. 1 Tim 5:8 “If anyone fails to provide for his relatives, and
especially for those of his own family, he has disowned the faith [by failing to accompany it with fruits] and is worse than an unbeliever [who performs his obligation in these matters].” AMP

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  • Reply Mary September 26, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    Pst what happens in the case where the father has walked away from his family more than 20 years ago to start a new life and family with another woman. He never supported his family abused his wife and children and now in old age is looking not for a relationship with his children but only for financial benefits. He has not even divorced his first wife.

    • Reply nurturingchampions September 26, 2011 at 1:15 pm

      That is a challenging one but as a christian if you have forgiven him you may help and support becaase he still uis yout r father. Secondly that reaching out to him may lead him to saving faith.

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