Day Five: Gratitude Challenge

Today is half way through the ten day challenge. Since it’s the 5th day I will stick with the the Biblical model of the 5th commandment being to honour your father and mother. Today Lord I thank you for my parents who brought me into the world and raised me up in the fear of God and laid a foundation for continuous learning in my life. I thank you for my father Maynard who was unassuming and yet modeled life for me. I have learned many lessons from him both what to do and what not to do. Last year in May he slipped out of time into eternity. May His memory be forever blessed. As I remember with gratitude his life I remember it as if it was yesterday when he said to me, “Son you are a Buffalo. You are a Makoni. We have bequeathed to you a powerful name untainted, keep it with integrity. Do not cause that name to be brought into disrepute.” With thanksgiving in my heart all I can say is Yes Sir mandate received and every attempt is being made to accomplish the mandate. Till we meet again on the other side!

Today I thank my mother Faith who stood with my Dad through thick and thin. I thank God for their 50 years of marriage. I thank God for how she taught us to be industrious, diligent and committed. I salute her sharp wit even with minimal education. She is one of the sharpest minds I have ever met. The way she thinks fast on her feet is simply amazing. Lord above all I pray that she may have an encounter with you and submit her life to you. I pray for the salvation of God to visit her. Lord you promised that if we believe on The Lord our whole household will be saved. Complete the circle Lord in our day. While I thank you for mom I pray for long life for her to see and enjoy her grandchildren’s children.

I still stand in amazement on how my parents while dependent on just single salary of a school teacher could afford without complaint to educate and take care of all 8 children. I take my hands off to these heroes. Thank you Lord for mom and dad.

I also take this time to thank you for my sister and mother Phoebe P. Mandizvidza. Thank you Lord for such a loving mom who brought me the love of my life and adopted me into her own family. I thank you for her love for family and for God. Lord I thank you for the greatest lesson I learned from her: that there is no age restriction to lifelong continuous personal development. I remember her completing her Bachelors degree and enrolling into a Masters programme when she was just about to retire from a long service to the nation. I thank you Lord for helping her raise not only Audrey singlehandedly but many of her siblings’ children. Her love for family and nation is legendary. I have learned to passionately love my motherland and work for its advancement. Thank you Ms PP Mandizvidza for lighting the way and being the first black female Municipal Councillor in Masvingo.

Lord I am so grateful for these parents who showed us the way and were faithful even though the light they walked in was little. They did their best to be true to the revelation they had and walked in the light they had. I salute them and greatly appreciate the sacrifices they made for us joyfully.

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