Kingdom Advancement

Martin Luther was quoted as saying, “A Gospel that does not deal with the issues of the day is not the Gospel at all.” A church that cannot address the issues of the day is excluded from the national conversation as people try to solve these problems. No wonder to a greater extent the Body of Christ has become irrelevant because it disconnected itself from the national conversations since it was too spiritually minded to be of any earthly value. We have to regain our place at the table of power brokers. We are kings not only priests! Our voice should be heard and our influence felt.

The longer that I live the more convinced I am that: Every child of God is called to exercise dominion and influence on behalf of the King in one of the domains (mountains) of societal influence. It may be the domain of Faith, Education, Finance, Law, Celebration, Family etc. These domains are the spheres where culture is shaped and national conversations happen. By and large the church was absent from these spheres and focused primarily in the Domain of Faith aka Church/Religion.

The Kingdom of God will rise as a mountain of influence as priestly kings discover their purpose and then invade the domains of their divine assignment to assert the will of our Father. Once we are clear that we are kings we view the discipleship mandate as a charge to kings to expand the territory of the Kingdom. We realize that we are in a battle for Kingdom expansion. We should remember that ours is not the only Kingdom contending for discipling and colonization of cultures.

Jesus taught us to pray and work for the coming of His Kingdom and the execution of His will on earth as it is in heaven. Matt 5:10 declares, “Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done.” Because we have viewed ourselves primarily as priests we have failed to enforce the Kingdom. Priests focus on worship and spiritual matters while kings focus on Kingdom expansion. We have generally performed well in our priestly function but poorly in our kingly function. That is why the Tabernacle of David needs to be restored. We are worshipping warriors and warring worshippers.

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