A man of the word and of his word

Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone)

We are talking about personal values.

We must be values-driven and values-guided people. As champions we must have clearly thought through values which serve as decision-grids determining what we can and cannot do. If I am clear on my values, it is easier to make the tough call decisions when crunch time comes.

With no clearly articulated values, emerging champions struggle to make critical judgment calls and vacillate.

Today I discuss one of my key values: Sola Scriptura. This value emanates from the reformers who insisted that they base their belief system and lives on the Scriptures or the Word of God alone. 

For me to fulfill my life assignment I stand guided by the Word of God. I am not moved by people or popular literature.  I am anchored on the Word of God.

The principles that run my life are solidly anchored on the unshakeable Word of God. If your principles are based on the subjective and/or on relativism, then you are unstable in all your ways.

Anything that contradicts or violates the Word, is unacceptable in my life, ministry or business. I am a man of the Word. I am a man of the Book. My ultimate compass is the Word of God. It is my plumbline.

As a consequence of being a man of the Word, I am a man of my word. God is reliable and dependable because He watches over His Word to perform it. Since I am a partaker of the divine nature, I must and do choose to honor and keep my word.

People should be able to trust me and depend on me because my word is my bond.

I am a man of the Word and will relate with people as a man of my word.

The Lord helping me, I will live by the Word and stand by my word even if it hurts.

We live in a world where words are meaningless. Some go to great lengths to draw elaborate contracts which they have absolutely no intention to keep. They craft them with so many loopholes to give them a legal way of escape.

Being legally correct does not necessarily confer legitimacy.

Our values define us.

By faith I declare that I am a man of the Word and people can relate to me as a man of his word! I pray that God helps me to live by this value.

Can your word be depended on? What value are you focusing on in your life today that defines who you are?

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