Champions Turf

Agora- The Marketplace is a division of Rapha Trust which seeks to facilitate and empower influential business executives, entrepreneurs and graduate students. In a strategic partnership with Crowne Plaza Monomotapa, Agora – The Marketplace is running a monthly dinner  codenamed Champions’ Turf, which showcases the leadership skills of and celebrates Zimbabwean entrepreneurs and business leaders. The dinners present a platform for networking, relaxing and learning for Zimbabwe’s strategic leaders from various sectors of the economy.

  • The Plan and Format
  • Each dinner features a prominent Zimbabwean business leader who will present a forty five minute case study involving a challenging strategic issue that he had to deal with in his career or company. The case would include the details of how the problem arose, how it was handled, reflections of the presenter of the failures and successes in handling the issue. Finally it illustrates the learning principles that the leader and organization derived from the experience.
  • Dinner would be served simultaneously with a facilitated discussion based on the case studies with emphasis on how others viewed the case and how they would have dealt with issues. This discussion would reflect on learning principles derived out of the case study. This will take about another forty five minutes.
  • The Rationale
  • There has not been much time given to reflecting and telling the Zimbabwean story  in terms of business success. There is need for people to share and learn from each others’ experiences in a relaxing non-threatening atmosphere. It is time that we create a platform to celebrate positive business role models. The Champions’ Turf is the place to be for business leaders, entrepreneurs as we all chip in to help rebuild our Nation.
  • The model assumes that leaders are always learning and thus creates an interactive case study and story telling model of learning which is proven as effective for adult learners. The assumption is that all participants have contributions to make and so each will learn from the other.
  • The Speakers Who Have Spoken So far
    • The dinners run once a month on the last Wednesday from 1830-2030hrs.

Mr Shingi Munyeza – Group CEO AfricanSun Group

Mr Patterson Fungai Timba – Group Chairman Africa First ReNaissance Corporation (Afre)

Dr Peter Chikumba – AirZim Group CEO

Mr Nigel Chanakira – Kingdom Financial Holdings founder

Brigadier General (rtd) David Chiweza – Director Lobels Group

Mr Shingai Mutasa – Chairman TA Holdings

Mr Collen Gura – Group CEO Metallon Gold

Mr Justin Machibaya – CEO Homelux Holdings



  • Reply greatnessmanual April 13, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    I have had the pleasure to learn a lot from the testimonies of the gentlemen who have spoken so far. It gives me so much hope. I attended Mr Chanakira’s presentation and I was blown off my socks. I also bought the DVDs of the other speakers and certainly cant wait to learn from others to come. I know there is a lot of great champions awaiting to be show cased for the upcoming and established entrepreneurs to learn and relearn. Thank you for this platform. It is such a wonderful and creative way to Nurture and Inspire Champions to potential fulfillment. If you are far away, I encourage that you place an order of the previous DVDs and see what Zimbabwe has. I think Champions Turf should spread across Africa to showcase what is going on on this continent. I believe that as we network and share from our successes and mistakes, only then can we create a lasting imprint in the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs. Africa will indeed arise

    • Reply nurturingchampions April 14, 2010 at 8:03 am

      It indeed has been a great learning experience. The art of story telling that Africans are renown for is used in live case studies. Great principles are emerging. We at Agora- The Marketplace greatly appreciate those who have spoken and those who have supported through their attendance.

  • Reply Abraham April 27, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    Well I have just come across this info on Agora and am wondering how I can have the DVDs of the past sessions. Please help

  • Reply nurturingchampions June 28, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    This Wednesday 30th June 2010 we will have another exciting session at Champions Turf Dinner. For more details check out the Facebook Page Champions Turf Network.

  • Reply greatnessmanual September 3, 2010 at 5:44 am

    Zach Wazara’s presentation was brilliant. I recommend that wherever you are in the world, make an effort to purchase some of the DVDs from the previous meetings. Your business life will never be the same. It is amazing how much wisdom is in our nation and we may never know it until they have a platform such as The Champions Turf to share their experiences.

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