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Day Three: Gratitude Challenge

Today I am thankful to God for the children that he has blessed us with. It is still an amazing thought that God would co labour with humans to bring children into the world to fulfill His purpose.

I thank God for the son of my right hand EW whom by Gods grace we are raising to fulfil his destiny and demonstrate that God is indeed present with us. Born in December he is a reminder that God dwelt among us as Emmanuel. I thank God for the fine young man he is becoming. A leader in the making with a heart for God compassion for the vulnerable and a sharp sense of marketplace leadership. I thank God that He has blessed him with both a powerful worshipping voice and hands that are great at playing the harp. May He live in the Lords presence and walk in Gods glory. Walk on son, though there maybe no evident paths along your way know that paths are made by walking. Do not walk in established paths but be a pathfinder as you express your gift and calling. Thank you Lord for the Real Maky a Buffalo indeed with no guile.

Lord I thank you for the second lady in my life – my sweet angel Faith W who never ceases to amaze me with her sharp wit and innocence. May her life demonstrate faithfulness and faith in God. Lord I thank you for who she is and who she is becoming. While I thank you I pray that you may keep her from harm and preserve her spirit soul and body. May her life point others to the redeeming and loving Saviouh. I thank you for the initiative and leadership skills that she exhibits. May her days be as the days of heaven on earth. Lord as I thank you for FW I ask you to watch over her.

Finally I thank you Lord for these arrows who are our investment into the future. May they be our voice into the next generation. Father by your grace may we raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord. While we thank you for them may we ever be mindful that we are but stewards of these gifts as in the final analysis they are really your children. May by your grace we be able to reflect the Fathers heart and love to them and model a godliness that is undefiled before them.

Thanks a million for the privilege of sharing with you in the creative act of bringing them to earth. May your agenda prosper in their hands. I declare that they were created for your glory and for the purposes of bruising the head of the serpent in their generation.