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Your Place of Assignment

Once you discover your domain of influence and your place on it, you begin the adventure for which you were created. You were created and redeemed for a Kingdom assignment. The capacity to execute your dominion mandate is directly related to your geographical location on the domain of influence. How strategically positioned are you to influence the worldview of that domain? We should not be comfortable with positions that do not maximize the leverage of influence. Your location may be as a high level bureaucrat influencing policy, a professional or business executive or a servant who has the ear of the king. It’s not the rank that matters but the ability to leverage influence even if it’s simply by proximity to the power brokers in the domain of influence. Imagine the Jewish maid to Naaman, who spoke up leading the that General experiencing the working of Jehovah Rapha (the Healer)

God chooses, gifts and anoints people for specific domains of influence. Find your place! Your kingly authority is linked to your place of assignment. To miss your purpose is to miss your assignment. To miss your place of assignment on the domain of influence is to miss your source of sustenance. Former President Joachim Chissano of Mozambique is famed as having stated, “The goat eats where it is tethered!” This was in response to a question on low civil servants salaries. It spawned corruption as it was viewed as a tacit endorsement of corruption by civil servants. However despite its unethical application, it is a Kingdom principle! You do not muzzle the ox that ploughs the field.

See I Cor 9:6-14 (ESV).  No soldier works at his own expense! Similarly those who disciple the kingdoms of this world get their living and sustenance from the mountains in which they serve. God foots the salary of His employees. If God employs you for a Kingdom assignment, He ensures that inherent in the assignment is both the provision for the assignment and your sustenance. I can put it this way: your domain of influence can be monetized! Julian Young in The Marketplace Paradigm observed that in the Kingdom of God your Kingdom assignment is intricately linked to your source of financial provision thereby connecting your divine call to your provision. In other words our kingdom provision is tied to our Kingdom mandate.

One of the key purposes of the Church is to equip and train priestly kings to take their assigned mountains for God. If we are to win the battle for the expansion of the Kingdom, then the Church has to become a boot camp. Dr R. Kenneth Strachan correctly observed that, “The successful expansion of any movement is in direct proportion to its success in mobilizing and occupying its total membership in constant propagation of its beliefs.” The Church must of necessity and as a matter of urgency mobilize, equip and deploy its membership for the battle of discipling nations and enforcing God’s will on earth.

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