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Gratitude Challenge Day 2

Today I thank God for the person who has stayed with me longest in my life. Thank you Lord for Audrey Ropafadzo Makoni who 24 years ago chose to join me in holy matrimony and we both left father and mother to start a new journey. Over the years I thank God for Au (my gold) who became my love, my friend, my business partner, my fellow minister and fellow nurturer of the dreams that God has given us. Thank you Lord for the woman you gave me who chose to follow me through the ups and downs of life. We have dreamt together. We have fought battles together by your grace. We have had moments of intense fellowship as we tried to discern Gods purpose and strategy for our life and destiny. We have had our dark nights of the soul. Thank God we have also had our great moments of triumph. But through it all we made it together. As our refrain continues Loving god, Loving each other too. And the story never ends.

Thank you Lord for the challenges we have had to face together and by your grace overcame. Thank you Lord for a steady anchor in my life. As the Bible says A virtuous woman who can find! I can safely state that I found you love.

I remember that first day in August 1982 when we met at Goromonzi High School at the Andrew Wutawunashe World Witness Campmeeting. It all started as simply young friends who were out for their first Campmmeeting. Now we can look back and say look what God has done for us. Indeed we declare Ebenezer. God has been faithful to watch over us and to preserve our marriage. We look forward to another 50 years declaring Having received help from God till this day, we continue. With a heartful of thanksgiving both to God for his sustaining hand and to you for your constancy, I can only summarise our journey through this Old Secular Song that we bumped into in Thessalonica Greece by Don Williams

Pressure Makes Diamonds

Well we’ve had our troubles, we’ve had our hard times
Were some might have stumbled, we’ve always survived
Sometimes love weakens, when the chips are all down
But what we’ve got together gets stronger somehow
Pressure makes Diamonds much harder than stone
And they only get finer as each day goes on
We’ve been through some bad times but we made it somehow
’cause if pressure makes diamonds, our love’s a diamond by now
Well we know the feelin’ when the world closes in
We’ve been there before, love, and we might go again
The road may get rocky life may get hard
But the whole world together can’t tear us apart
(repeat bridge)

Bva tovonga Nyasha DzaShe for it is only by grace that we stand. Thank you Lord for a helper meet for me.

And this God shall be our God forever and ever and our guide till death. Thank you Lord.