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Day Seven: Gratitude Challenge

The Bible teaches that we should have a heart of gratitude as in the last days people will generally be  ungrateful and ungodly. I take this time today to reflect and thank God for a few friends who have made a difference in my life. The Bible does teach that there are friends who sharpen another man’s countenance and those who in the manner of Christ are friends that are closer than brothers. I have been blessed with a  few good men who have made a difference in my life. Being  a reserved person (off stage) I do have very few close friends. Today I take time to reflect on these and thank God for their impact on my life.

I thank God for Dr EC Majachani whom I met at the UZ way back in 1986. I don’t even remember how exactly we met at Campus but I now we were members of the Family of God Church group together. Majee has become a covenant brother indeed. Now an accomplished Obs and Gynae specialist based in RSA we meet less frequently because of distance and technological challenges (on one part) but every time we meet he is just a source of encouragement and refreshment. I am honoured to be counted among this gentle servant of God’s friends. I will never forget his kindness to my family and I in ways that can never be put on paper during a very trying time for us. May the Lord God of heaven who sees remember and reward him openly for that which he did in secret. And I thank him for taking care of my daughter Edith. (For all I know he may never see this posting because he has no time for this kind of technology).

in 1998 I was working on a business plan to develop a significant chain retail dental surgeries together with a few colleagues. To complete our financial modelling we worked with a sharp MBA consultant. This consultant once he had gone through the concept introduced us to a medical practitioner Dr Matt Wazara who was working on a complementary healthcare project. We became great friends. Although we never managed to  consummate the business structure we discovered that we were kindred spirits. Thank you Lord for Matthew and Priscilla Wazara and for their friendship. Due to various commitments chiefly that Matt is a busy Specialist General Surgeon, astute business man and also that now we fellowship in different churches, we struggle to meet as often as we wish we could . However the few moments that we can grab out of our busy schedules still remain significant divine moments of refreshing. Matt my brother I love your pure and un-defiled love for Christ, for your wife and for the church. I love the way you communicate the riches of the Gospel with style, sincerity and simplicity. More importantly I love you as  a churchman par excellent! Would to God that he would raise in our nation many such church statesmen like you my brother with  a love for both the Lord and His Church!

I have come to discover that there are some relationships which simply flow. They are not difficult to sustain and neither do they require extra energy to maintain. You can have “heavy maintenance handle with care” relationships which are painful to nurture and sustain. Pane hushamwari hunorema! My friendships with these two doctors are almost “maintenance free”. I thank God for these brothers and their input in our lives. May the Lord increase their footprint and impact for Christ!

During my sojourn I have come to treasure the friendship of Justin Machibaya and his family. Justin has stood with us and helped us fight some of our fiercest battles with a heart that simple shocks me. An accomplished businessman in his own right and a Kingdom financier par excellent Justin reaches out to minister to others with unfeigned love that lacks pretensions or fan fare. Thank you Lord for Justin and his family. I am honoured to be counted among his friends. Its always a pleasure to partner you in some projects like we have done in the past and keep doing!

I am no longer sure of the order but Justin either brought Vincent Tendayi or the other way round into my circle of friends. Thank you Vincent for loving us and standing as a brother indeed. I do enjoy your company especially after cell on Wednesdays. You are  breath of fresh air. I love your passion for God, nation and business. May the Lord who has brought you this far raise you higher in your influence. The unassuming and quiet Kingdom financier who mostly works behind the scenes unless of course you are talking about ACBF, this brother is going places. May you keep your heart and focus squarely set on our Redeemer!

Finally I thank God for a young man I struggle to categorise. I am not sure whether to call him a friend or a brother. It could be both. I thank God for Fungayi Moses Makoni and his family. I still remember the day at the Hotel School  Bulawayo in the beginning of 2008 when I was asked by my assistant pastor to come and meet this young man who had given his life to Christ in the service. I met you then and was both your pastor and elder brother. We have come along ways since then and I cherish those moments. I love your passion for business and your sincerity in loving God. My family and I are indeed eternally grateful for the acts of friendship and love that you demonstrate. I am eternally grateful for providing the Pathfinder Luxury coach to ferry people to Dad’s funeral. The Lord sees and may He reward you as only He can. May your reach be increased for His Glory.

I am indeed a rich man because of these deep friends. There are many others who have touched my life as I cannot mention everyone by name and to them I say thank you and may God bless you. Others I cannot consider them friends as they are heroes I look up to as elder brothers. It would be too presumptive of me to consider them my friends. Thank you big brothers!

Finally  — and yes one more finally – allow me to say thanks- a million thanks to the friend of friends – my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Who though He is King he dared to call me friend! Yes the Lord of Lords calls me friend. Thanks Lord Jesus. Where would I be if it wasn’t for you? Again I say thanks!