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for his greater glory

Many people claim certain values.

Until values are lived out, they are simply espoused values. An espoused value is an aspiration. It is a value you look up to but do not live. A lived-out value is what actually happens in your life.

If you want to see the actual lived-out values check out who gets rewarded, who gets promoted and who gets fired in organizations. 

An organization that espouses a value of accountability but rewards and celebrates people whose stewardship of organizational assets is questionable simply because they are close to the leaders, has in fact just demonstrated that their lived-out value is flattery.

Today I discuss another core value of mine:

Ad Majorem Dei Glorium– I live for God’s greater glory. I do not seek personal glory or credit.

Some people live to be felt, seen, known and honored. If you make the mistake of not acknowledging them for any contribution or even for their presence you become public enemy number one. They take it personal insult. Their passion is to succeed so that they join the hall of fame in their domain. They pursue glory and honor. It is their main driving force.

I tried that and gave up after some successes I achieved did not prove satisfying. I started asking myself about the real purpose for my life?

Do I live for me, myself and I? Do I want to be known as someone rich, influential, prominent and best of class? Then what?

I realized that the whole purpose for my life is really to live for God’s greater glory. I ceased to seek the applause of men or the acknowledgement that comes from society. When I stopped seeking credit for things I have done, I started enjoying life. I have been around some fellows who will seek to extract credit even for things done by others.

I have realized that I have greater fulfillment when I live for God’s greater glory. Whether I minister or counsel, it is all for His greater Glory.

I live for His Glory! The more Glory God gets, the happier I am. I am not into it for myself or for my glory!

I am more fulfilled when I reflect and deflect all the glory to Him.  When you do your best without a worry as to who gets the credit or the glory, you become more powerful and more influential.

Ad Majorem Dei Glorium– I live for God’s greater glory. I do not seek personal glory or credit.

What is the ultimate purpose of your life?