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Prayer Ideas for Priestly Kings

As nations pass through various stages during the complex journey to destiny, many believers ask how they should pray effectively for their nations. Here are some thoughts and directions that may be helpful:

  1. We should join Caleb and pray: Give me this mountain! Pray that God opens your eyes to your Mountain of influence. That He may deploy you into the relevant sphere of calling where your influence can help advance the Kingdom agenda.
  2. Pray for people who are in places of influence in these mountains that they are: either converted and discipled to use their influence for the Kingdom OR that God may use them as Cyruses to propel His agenda. NB King Cyrus was not a believer but God used him powerful to advance the agenda of God for Israel. See Isaiah 45:1-5
  3. Pray for priestly kings with a Kingdom mindset to occupy positions of influence in these Mountains. Pray that these be people of conviction. Not vacillators and opportunists who change depending on what they can get form the powers that be. They must then demonstrate Kingdom power and unashamedly attribute it to God. E.g. Daniel, Joseph
  4. Pray for Christians in positions of influence that they may boldly represent the Kingdom agenda, take uncompromising stand on Kingdom issues and use their influence to serve the Kingdom and people. Pray their protection from the corrupting influence of demonic powers.
  5. Pray for God to raise people up the mountains of influence who have a biblical worldview and who have the capacity to capture the mountain and implement Godly worldviews on those mountains.
  6. Pray against ungodly worldviews and their proponents that they do not hold sway in key spheres of influence in the nation.

Kingly Intercession for Zimbabwe

When Jesus hung on the cross He was both a priest and a king. In redemption at the Cross, a) Jesus stood before the Father as a High Priest to reconcile us to God as the only mediator (intercessor), and b) at the Cross Jesus stood as a go-between Satan and man, thus exercising his Kingly authority to break Satan’s hold over humanity. Intercession has both a priestly and kingly function! It operates at the Tabernacle of David under the order of Melchizedek.

On the same cross He fulfilled two functions. As a high priest He met with God and reconciled us with God.  That was his priestly function.  As a King He broke the power of the devil. That was His kingly function. On the cross He made it possible for man to meet God. That’s the function of a priest. On the same Cross He also made it impossible for the devil  to meet man. That was the kingly function. Hallelujah!

The Cross was was His Work of Intercession. Jesus’ prayers of intercession are always and only an extension of His work of Intercession. Similarly our prayers of intercession are always and only an extension of His work of Intercession. Our intercession has both a priestly and kingly function!

As intercessors, we need to engage the community in intercessory work, representing the kingdom where we are. That’s why we should not disengage from business, politics, and from the things that affect society.  I can intercede through prayer. I can intercede through the things I do. David would intercede in the battlefield as he waged war for our God and then he could also intercede in prayer. So intercession requires both prayer and work.

My prayers of intercession release His finished work of intercession. His work empowers my prayers, while my prayers release His work.  In intercession I meet with God to effect a meeting [that He may meet someone at their point of need (priestly function)] BUT I also meet the Enemy to forbid him from meeting a certain person (Kingly function).

So in intercession as a priest I plead with God that He may meet somebody. In other words I am scheduling an appointment for God to meet somebody. You see intercessors are appointment schedulers. Our job as priests is to set appointments for people to meet God. When I pray for those in authority I am setting an appointment for God to meet the leaders of our nation. As intercessors we stand to schedule appointments. That’s our priestly function. Is this making sense? So when I am interceding I am saying “Lord will you meet my friend.” So we are setting up appointments.

But as a king in intercession I go to war. I meet the enemy so that I cancel a meeting that he had scheduled to meet somebody. Satan is in the business of arranging to meet people so that he can steal from them, destroy them, and even so he could kill them. But when I stand in kingly intercession I take authority over the devil and cancel his appointment with the person he wanted to destroy. I declare, “Devil I’m meeting you as a king and I’m cancelling your appointment with the nation of Zimbabwe. You can’t meet Zimbabwe. I have cancelled your appointment.” When I am praying in intercession I am cancelling appointments that the devil had scheduled to meet people and destroy them. Hallelujah!

We, through prayers of intercession, meet the powers of darkness, to enforce the victory Christ accomplished when He met them in His work of intercession on the Cross. In that sense we place His enemies under His feet.

Today let us schedule appointments for God to meet Zimbabwe (or your nation). Similarly lets cancel appointments that Satan had for Zimbabwe (or your nation)!

Declarative Prayer: “Lord God, as a priestly King, I call upon you today concerning the Constitutional Court sitting today. I ask you as the Ultimate Judge who is omniscient and knows the full facts to weigh into this matter and superitend over the deliberations. We are confused as to what is true and factual about the electoral results, so we ask you to cause the actual results to be placed on the table and be the basis of a declaration of the winner. Lord we ask that you frustrate the token of liers and expose any legal argument from either side that is based on untruth. Let the truth be revealed so that justice is meted out based on truth. We declare that the Scepter of your Kingdom is the sceptre of Justice and truth. We release that sceptre into the Courtroom today. You are the one who makes a decision in heaven and cause the earthly courts to submit to your decision. It is God who appoints kings and national leaders. We ask you to use this court process to assert your will and purpose for Zimbabwe. Lord God we schedule an appointment for you to meet Zimbabwe during this process. We cancel every appointment that had been scheduled by the Satan to destroy the future of this nation. We cancel every appointment of the enemy to cause mayhem, bloodshed and violence. We command all national institutions to recognise and obey the verdict of Heaven. We issue a restraining order on any and every national institution and instruct them to obey and uphold the decision of heaven! We declare this in Jesus name. Amen”

Source of this concept from Dutch Sheets’ book, “Intercession”. This post is extracted from my recent book which you can download from this link below:

Tabernacle of David pdf

Priestly Kings

Revelations 5:9-10 “And they sang a new song saying “you are worthy to take the book and open its seal you were slain and you have redeemed us to God by your blood out of every kindred and every tongue and people and nation and you have made us kings and priests to our God and we will reign forever and ever.” (ESV) The purpose for which he made us kings and priests is so that we may reign in this earth. So that we may have dominion. We are kings and priests.

Believers have been very good at being priestly. We have interceded a lot. But we have not been kingly enough. We have been very good in the Temple, but poor players in the marketplace. We have lost the concept of priestly kings. So the Tabernacle of David through the order of Melchizedek restores kings who are priests. That was always God’s intention. Kings know that their purpose is to advance the cause of the kingdom. They are about dominion. That’s why Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is heaven” and yet we are thinking about heaven and not thinking about the coming of the kingdom of God. That’s why believers are often poor citizens because they are thinking of heaven instead of thinking of kingdom. To make a difference, we need to be both priests and kings.

We have a dominion mandate both by creation and redemption, to rule on earth not in heaven. Priests don’t think dominion. They don’t think reigning. They don’t think impact. They don’t think community impact. They don’t think community-enhancing initiatives. The church has lost its impact because it thinks of the tabernacle of Moses as priests under the order of Aaron rather than the tabernacle of David under the order of Melchizedek. The church will be a blessing to our communities and our nations when it’s thinking kingdom, when it’s thinking dominion, reigning, and how it can make a difference. We need a paradigm shift. A mental realignment!

When you think as priests, you think being a businessman is ungodly. When we were growing up, anytime you were spiritual and loved God, you were encouraged to leave all the earthly vocations, and go serve God “full-time”. So we lost some of our most brilliant minds to the tabernacle of Moses and the nations were robbed. Who said God does not anoint scientists? Who said He does not anoint educationists? Who said God does not anoint politicians? The kingdom is about every sphere of society. If we want to make a difference, we must do the prayer of intercession, but we must also represent the kingdom by doing the work of intercession.

How can we be the salt of the earth when we are in a saltshaker? We spend our time in church and yet expect to positively affect society. When you have prayed yourself up, go into the marketplace and make a difference. Hallelujah! So He has made us kings and priests for our God to reign.

Its time for priestly kings to arise in Africa and be involved in politics, business, law, education, the arts etc.

Priestly Kings and Kingly Priests

1 Peter 2:4,5 says “Come to Him as the living stone rejected by men but chosen by God and you also as living stones are build up as a spiritual house, a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifice acceptable to God through our High Priest Jesus Christ.” Look closely at verse 5. It says “you also”. In the English language if you add the word “also” it means you are following after someone. It says you also are a royal priesthood. Also like whom? Like Jesus Christ whom you are coming to. We are a royal priesthood that serves God through our High Priest, even Jesus Christ. We are kings and priests. We got the revelation of the holy priesthood offering sacrifices to God and are doing well in the tabernacle of Moses. But we lost sight of 1 Peter 2:9 which says “but you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation his own special people.” We are not only a holy priesthood BUT a kingdom of priests. Kings who are priests! This has to be at a new tabernacle since Moses’ Tabernacle had no provision for priest to be kings.

God calls us a kingdom of priests. We are kings and priests. Jesus Christ, the high priest of our profession, is a king and priest. Melchizedek is both king and a priest. The redeemed are both kings and priests. We have focused on our priestly function but lost our kingly function.

A kingdom of priests. A royal priesthood. Clearly we are not either priests or kings. It is not an either/or proposition. It is both. We are both kings and priests at the same time. I would prefer to use a new terminology that will capture this concept better. If we use the term “kings and priests,” although it is biblical, it can be confused as meaning either kings or priests. So let’s refer to these as “priestly kings” or “kingly priests.” These two terms are basically the same. I however use them distinctly simply to capture the fact that although each person is both a king and priest, often one of the functions dominates. If you are predominantly a pulpit minister you still have to exercise some kingly authority so we call you a “kingly priest. On the other hand if your primary calling is outside the pulpit then you are a “priestly king”.

To explore this more, click this link to download this free pdf book:

Tabernacle of David pdf