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semper fidelis – always faithful

We have journeyed together the last few posts as I sought to articulate my personal values. Today I articulate my last value.

Semper Fidelis – I am always faithful to God. I am faithful to my wife, others and my calling.

Our God is a faithful God. He is a covenant keeping God and remains true to His Word, His promise and His people. Over the years He has shown Himself faithful and true to His promises and His Word to me.

I have passed through the fire and sometimes through the hot burning deserts of life, but through it all He has been faithful. I have passed through mountain top thrilling experiences as He showed Himself faithful even in good times. I can testify that He is faithful both in good and bad times. The good times have been a result of His faithfulness to bless me. The bad times have been testimony of His faithfulness to sustain me in challenging times.

I can say without fear of contradiction that my God is semper fidelis. Always faithful!

Since I have been a beneficiary of His faithfulness and am in covenant with Him, I swear my oath of allegiance to Him as well. I will be semper fidelis to my God. Always faithful.

Though I may stumble yet I will rise up and pursue Him. Always faithful. My prayer and my desire is that I remain faithful so that on the last day I can hear those sweet words, ‘Well done good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Master.”

I am a partaker of His divine nature. I will be semper fidelis to my wife, my call and to others. I fully plan to be found faithful in accomplishing my calling and realizing my potential in the pursuit of the assignment of God in my life.

I commit 100% to covenant faithfulness to Christ and to Audrey. In this commitment I will uphold and adhere to the “no exceptions” rule.

Whether people applaud or critique, my aim is to be found always faithful to the One who called me. So help me God.

I learned the hard way that if I allow an exception in exceptional circumstances it is much easier next time to break the commitment again. Semper Fidelis.

May those who transact with me in this life find me faithful.  May I be a faithful ambassador of my King in my relationships with Him, with my wife, with others and in pursuit of my life assignment. So help me God!

Semper Fidelis. Always Faithful.

Semper Reformanda – always reforming

Your core values are your fundamental beliefs that serve as guiding principles regulating your behavior. They highlight what you stand for.

Simply, core values guide your behaviors, decisions, and action.

When you know what you value, you can live in accord with those values leading to greater fulfillment. When you violate your values it creates internal tension. The tension triggers destructive habits, regressive behavior and personal demotivation.

Values aren’t selected; they’re discovered. We don’t choose our values. Our values reveal themselves to us.

Scott Jeffrey

We have been exploring my personal values with the hope that, this will help you explore your own. My next value is:

Semper Reformanda– I am a reformer and will always be transforming and reforming.

I am called not to accept the status quo that is contrary to God’s Word or God’s purpose for my life. Rather I am called to change and reform situations that do not align with God’s will for my life or His will for His Kingdom.

I am a reformer. I help transform situations and circumstances. I refuse to be under the crcumstances.

If my circumstances do not align to God’s Word, I work to reform the situation.

I am always reforming as I am changed from glory to glory by God’s working in me.

I believe that God is working in me as He continuously transforms me through His Word. I am renewed and transformed daily as I look into the mirror of His Word. I do not want to become a monument. So I am constantly stretching myself.

I am assigned by God to reform situations in church, finance and education. These domains cannot remain the same because I am placed within them as  a reformer and catalyst for change.

As I am reformed, I reform my circle of influence.

As I learn, I change. In fact I do not believe that it is possible to have learned if there is no change that results from the learning. Many people are educated but not learned. If there is no change and no transformation as a result of information, then learning has not happened.

Semper Reformanda– I am always reforming.

One more value left – and it will be your turn to reflect on yours. Its your turn Champion!

coram deo – under the gaze of god

Coram Deo– I live in the presence, under the authority, and to the glory of God. I walk in integrity and live by principle.

Coram Deo is the concept of living in the presence of, before the face of, under the authority of God, and to the honor and glory of God. To live in the presence of God is to understand that whatever I am doing and wherever I am doing it, I am acting under the gaze of God. There is no place so remote that I can escape His penetrating gaze.

To live all of life coram Deo is to live a life of integrity. It is a life of wholeness that finds its unity and coherency in the fear of God.

A fragmented life is a life of disintegration. It is marked by inconsistency, disharmony, confusion, conflict, contradiction, and chaos. 

Being a person of integrity means that I do not compartmentalize my life into spiritual and secular.  What I do in my secular vocation is guided by my spiritual outlook.

I am basically a spiritual being. My doing comes from my being.  I cannot divorce who I am, from what I do. My behavior is informed by my identity.

Even when I do what others consider mundane, I do it for God’s glory because all of life is spiritual at its core.

I demonstrate integrity by living a life of consistency. It is a life that is open before God. It is a life in which all that I do is done as to the Lord.

It is a life lived by principle, not expediency; by humility before God, not defiance. It is a life lived under the tutelage of conscience that is held captive by the Word of God.

I choose, even when it is politically incorrect, to live Coram Deo, in the presence of God and to God’s glory.

for his greater glory

Many people claim certain values.

Until values are lived out, they are simply espoused values. An espoused value is an aspiration. It is a value you look up to but do not live. A lived-out value is what actually happens in your life.

If you want to see the actual lived-out values check out who gets rewarded, who gets promoted and who gets fired in organizations. 

An organization that espouses a value of accountability but rewards and celebrates people whose stewardship of organizational assets is questionable simply because they are close to the leaders, has in fact just demonstrated that their lived-out value is flattery.

Today I discuss another core value of mine:

Ad Majorem Dei Glorium– I live for God’s greater glory. I do not seek personal glory or credit.

Some people live to be felt, seen, known and honored. If you make the mistake of not acknowledging them for any contribution or even for their presence you become public enemy number one. They take it personal insult. Their passion is to succeed so that they join the hall of fame in their domain. They pursue glory and honor. It is their main driving force.

I tried that and gave up after some successes I achieved did not prove satisfying. I started asking myself about the real purpose for my life?

Do I live for me, myself and I? Do I want to be known as someone rich, influential, prominent and best of class? Then what?

I realized that the whole purpose for my life is really to live for God’s greater glory. I ceased to seek the applause of men or the acknowledgement that comes from society. When I stopped seeking credit for things I have done, I started enjoying life. I have been around some fellows who will seek to extract credit even for things done by others.

I have realized that I have greater fulfillment when I live for God’s greater glory. Whether I minister or counsel, it is all for His greater Glory.

I live for His Glory! The more Glory God gets, the happier I am. I am not into it for myself or for my glory!

I am more fulfilled when I reflect and deflect all the glory to Him.  When you do your best without a worry as to who gets the credit or the glory, you become more powerful and more influential.

Ad Majorem Dei Glorium– I live for God’s greater glory. I do not seek personal glory or credit.

What is the ultimate purpose of your life?

On Christ Alone

We continue to explore my personal values with an intention to challenge you to consider articulating your own value system.

Values are critical to guiding the way you do things. They define the way you do things. They also state what you are not willing and prepared to do. They speak to guiding principles of life.

Sola Christus – I live to please Christ above all. I will not please men at the expense of truth.

Martin Luther and the Reformers insisted that our belief should be founded on Christ alone. Ever since the Church has striven to pursue Christ and Truth.

I have lived my life with the intention of pleasing Christ my Lord. Yes sometime I have stumbled and caused Him shame. But whenever I fall I call on His Blood and repent and start the pursuit.

Our world is now full of men pleasers. We aim to please the Boss, to please the peers and to please the policemen of political correctness. People no longer stand by their convictions. They bend to the whims of whoever can promote them or open doors to them.

Galatians 1:10 TPT

“I’m obviously not trying to flatter you or water down my message to be popular with men, but my supreme passion is to please God. For if all I attempt to do is please people, I would not be the true servant of the Messiah.”

Within corporate organizations people try to decipher which direction the Boss is leaning, and only say those things that please the Boss. It’s called kissing upward. This does not add value to the leader or to the organization.

Often in Africa we have people who just flow with the flow of the leaders in power. They just want to cover their backs by aligning with whatever the leader says and does – even if the leader may be wrong. They focus on convenience rather than conviction.

If you are too keen on pleasing the Boss, you avoid constructive dissent or robust engagement to issues. The net result is that you are not useful to the Leader or the organization. You are a men-pleaser!

One of my core values is to dance to the beat of one drummer- Jesus Christ and consequently I will not choose to please men at the expense of truth.

I would rather be unpopular but stand for Truth. I choose principle over popularity. I choose conviction over convenience.

Sola Christus – I live to please Christ above all. I will not please men at the expense of truth.

What is resonating with you as you read this? What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

What are you going to do about it?

A man of faith

Values by nature delineate boundaries of the sphere within which one chooses to live their life. They become a perimeter fence that marks out the sphere of play for your life.

Be clear about your values. It helps in making decisions because your values will tell what you will tolerate and what you will not accept. They become a grid through which your critical decisions are filtered.

One of my anchor values is:

Sola Fide– I live by faith in God and run my life on faith and trust.

More than 38 years ago I had an encounter that completely changed my life spiritually, socially and professionally. Very much everything I have done and become has been marked by that encounter. In a lecture room at St Augustine’s Mission, Penhalonga in Zimbabwe, I heard the Gospel clearly presented by Mr Miti. Grace called my name and by faith I was saved. Ever since that day my life has been marked by faith in God.

I remember one of my favorite teachers saying to me that this was just a fleeting childish zeal that would pass. But after these many years, that faith in God has kept me, led me and sustained me. I am a man of faith. The best way I can explain it is simply this:

Galatians 2:20 TPT

“My old identity has been co-crucified with Christ and no longer lives; for the nails of his cross crucified me with him. And now the essence of this new life is no longer mine, for the Christ lives his life through me—we live in union as one! My new life is empowered by the faith of the Son of God who loves me so much that he gave himself for me, and dispenses his life into mine!”  

The life that I now live from that day onwards is by faith in Christ. Or I can put it another way- the faith of Christ lives in me and gives me life. I live by faith alone. Sola Fide! I do not walk in fear. I am daring to explore new opportunities. I am not afraid of failure. 

I refuse to negotiate life on the basis of fear. I engage life on the basis of hope and faith.

Faith is the anchor of my soul.

Because my life is so marked by faith, I have chosen to live my life and run my life on faith and trust. I have faith for the future. I have faith for the present. I am an eternal optimist because I know that all things will eventually worked together for my good.

While some see the world as conspiring against them, I see life as being wired and framed by God to conspire for my good.

I choose to have faith in people! When you have faith in the Unchangeable as the anchor of your soul, you can afford to have faith in people.

I am convinced that not only do I have faith in God – but in a strange way God does have faith in me as well. he has entrusted me with the unsearchable riches of His grace!

Sola Fide– I live by faith in God and run my life on faith and trust.

Have faith!