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Semper Reformanda – always reforming

Your core values are your fundamental beliefs that serve as guiding principles regulating your behavior. They highlight what you stand for.

Simply, core values guide your behaviors, decisions, and action.

When you know what you value, you can live in accord with those values leading to greater fulfillment. When you violate your values it creates internal tension. The tension triggers destructive habits, regressive behavior and personal demotivation.

Values aren’t selected; they’re discovered. We don’t choose our values. Our values reveal themselves to us.

Scott Jeffrey

We have been exploring my personal values with the hope that, this will help you explore your own. My next value is:

Semper Reformanda– I am a reformer and will always be transforming and reforming.

I am called not to accept the status quo that is contrary to God’s Word or God’s purpose for my life. Rather I am called to change and reform situations that do not align with God’s will for my life or His will for His Kingdom.

I am a reformer. I help transform situations and circumstances. I refuse to be under the crcumstances.

If my circumstances do not align to God’s Word, I work to reform the situation.

I am always reforming as I am changed from glory to glory by God’s working in me.

I believe that God is working in me as He continuously transforms me through His Word. I am renewed and transformed daily as I look into the mirror of His Word. I do not want to become a monument. So I am constantly stretching myself.

I am assigned by God to reform situations in church, finance and education. These domains cannot remain the same because I am placed within them as  a reformer and catalyst for change.

As I am reformed, I reform my circle of influence.

As I learn, I change. In fact I do not believe that it is possible to have learned if there is no change that results from the learning. Many people are educated but not learned. If there is no change and no transformation as a result of information, then learning has not happened.

Semper Reformanda– I am always reforming.

One more value left – and it will be your turn to reflect on yours. Its your turn Champion!