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Question 2. What is the Purpose of My Call?

Within the same domain of influence there can be different purposes. Two individuals may be called to the same mountain, but have different tasks they are to accomplish within that common domain. In pulpit ministry Paul contrasted his ministry with that of Apollos. One planted and the other watered [I Corinthians 3:6].

God often calls different churches within the same city to do different things. The call of God upon local churches can be different based upon the purpose for which God has raised that church up. Though the two ministries are both local churches and have local pastors and local believers, the purpose and, therefore, the thrust of the two churches may be different.

Let me illustrate. John, Ruth, Michael and Reuben may all be called to the domain of Education and yet they have different boundaries in terms of their callings and assignment. John may be a policy-maker determining the value systems and worldviews that will control education. Ruth may be called as an entrepreneur in education to establish elitist Christian schools that are for profit and yet molding godly principles and values in the students. However Michael may be called to be an educationist who gives his life to touch lives in public schools and models godly values. Michael through this calling may stem the inroads being made by ungodly agendas into education. And yet Reuben may be called to the domain of education as a rich philanthropist who establishes a network of low costs non-profit schools for people who could never afford even a government education. His schools help meet a significant need for education for the vulnerable.

God assigns specific mandates to specific individuals. If He does so, then that assignment must be adhered to. What is my specific mandate in the mountain of influence? Coach, policy maker, model, influencer, executer, counselor.

Prayerfully reflect your exact place and purpose within the domain of your calling.

Question 1. Which domain of influence am I called to?

You need to identify the domain or sphere of influence that you are called to. This is the first broad boundary for your assignment.

This question helps you identify what you are authorized to do and limited to in your assignment. The basic God-given assignment acts as border lines that define the jurisdiction of your calling. Which mountain of influence am I called to? Many have erred and pursued rabbit trails that resulted in them losing their Kingdom effectiveness. It is imperative to get to clarity on which mountain(s) you will serve God.This may not necessarily be the sam as your profession or your current job. These may simply be stepping stops to where you are called.

In some cases a person can be called to a number of domains of influence at the same time. For example at this point of my life I am actively involved in the Faith Domain as a church statesman passionate about the concept of worldviews. I am called into the domain of Finance in order to finance the Kingdom, recruit, equip and empower an army of Kingdom financiers. But I am also actively involved in the domain of Education where I train and equip priestly kings. It is vitally important to establish the mountain to which you have been called in order to serve the Kingdom.