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On Christ Alone

We continue to explore my personal values with an intention to challenge you to consider articulating your own value system.

Values are critical to guiding the way you do things. They define the way you do things. They also state what you are not willing and prepared to do. They speak to guiding principles of life.

Sola Christus – I live to please Christ above all. I will not please men at the expense of truth.

Martin Luther and the Reformers insisted that our belief should be founded on Christ alone. Ever since the Church has striven to pursue Christ and Truth.

I have lived my life with the intention of pleasing Christ my Lord. Yes sometime I have stumbled and caused Him shame. But whenever I fall I call on His Blood and repent and start the pursuit.

Our world is now full of men pleasers. We aim to please the Boss, to please the peers and to please the policemen of political correctness. People no longer stand by their convictions. They bend to the whims of whoever can promote them or open doors to them.

Galatians 1:10 TPT

“I’m obviously not trying to flatter you or water down my message to be popular with men, but my supreme passion is to please God. For if all I attempt to do is please people, I would not be the true servant of the Messiah.”

Within corporate organizations people try to decipher which direction the Boss is leaning, and only say those things that please the Boss. It’s called kissing upward. This does not add value to the leader or to the organization.

Often in Africa we have people who just flow with the flow of the leaders in power. They just want to cover their backs by aligning with whatever the leader says and does – even if the leader may be wrong. They focus on convenience rather than conviction.

If you are too keen on pleasing the Boss, you avoid constructive dissent or robust engagement to issues. The net result is that you are not useful to the Leader or the organization. You are a men-pleaser!

One of my core values is to dance to the beat of one drummer- Jesus Christ and consequently I will not choose to please men at the expense of truth.

I would rather be unpopular but stand for Truth. I choose principle over popularity. I choose conviction over convenience.

Sola Christus – I live to please Christ above all. I will not please men at the expense of truth.

What is resonating with you as you read this? What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

What are you going to do about it?