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Question 5: When am I called to serve?

Many Christians don’t understand that timing is critical to God. If you try to become what God is calling you to, before time, you will make mistakes. Moses heard the call of God and understood that he was called to be a deliverer. However when he tried it prematurely, it transported him to the University of the Wilderness for forty years. When the time came he made it. There is a difference between calling and commissioning. God speaks the end from the beginning. Many just feel the call of God and start running. They don’t even take time to prepare.  Timing is important. Part of understanding my jurisdiction is understanding God’s process and timing. He will tell you now it’s time to go. Many people hurriedly go into things that they have been called to before the time and they pay a heavy price. Even the Lord Jesus had to be born in the fullness of time and then wait for 30 years until the Father pronounced the season of commissioning. There is a difference between calling and commissioning.

I was called to the ministry of the preaching the gospel in 1987 when I was at the University of Zimbabwe. I had the call to ministry but I could not bring myself to a place of actually going into full time ministry. I struggled. Many people put me under pressure to let go of what I was doing and go preach the Gospel. But somehow I just knew it was not the right time. The calling was there. The willingness to do was there but the release was not there. The commission was not there. God took me instead on a journey that wherever I went I just served Pastors close hand. So I learnt pastoring not from Bible School, but by sitting and serving pastors. Without consciously putting any effort (in fact at the end I avoided pastors), they just found me and pulled me towards themselves. I served Pastors in Mutare, Rusape, Marondera, Thessalonica and Athens.

When God moved us to Celebration Church, He opened a door and within two years, I was ordained as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This was now 2004. Called in 1987, but ordained and commissioned in 2003. That is a story for another time.

The point is that: to fully understand the jurisdiction of your calling, you need to understand that timing is critical. Calling is not commissioning. Follow the process and wait for the fulness of time. Time is the final boundary for your jurisdiction of the assignment.

I trust that as we considered these questions it has helped you as  a priestly king to sharpen the boundaries of your assignment. Go get them!


Question 4: How am I called to serve?

I am sure that as we deal with these questions, a clarity is emerging in your mind as to your positioning as a priestly king in the mountains of influence.

When you answer of how you are called to serve, you sharpen your area for service. Am I called to write books? Am I called to go on television? Am I called to start businesses? Am I called to finance opportunities? Am I called to just intercede? Am I called to intercede and take action? What exactly am I called to? What is my specific jurisdiction? When you establish that, it helps. I believe that God called me to be part of the end time strategic facilitators of the Kingdom. That places me on the domain of coaching and finance. The particular emphasis is in facilitating for strategic Kingdom agendas. In that case I mostly to serve as a consultant and coach in the mountain f Education. (I am using this domain as an example but remember in a previous posting I alluded to my being active in multiple domains)

Some people because of the nature of their assignment need to have specific geographic locations as offices. You need to know what exactly God is calling you to.  Consider strategic financiers: Some may be funders of church outreaches. Others may be called to fund social causes and take care of the vulnerable. Others will finance government programmes to assert the Church’s influence on politics. Others will finance primarily church programmes.

My pastor, Rev Tom Deuschle narrates an encounter he had with God at a critical point in his ministry. It answered the question of how he is called to serve. The ministry had just started a television ministry that was flourishing. Pastor Tom has a magnetic television presence. Apparently some well meaning investors approached him with a once in a lifetime deal to sponsor him into a television ministry that would take him away from his home church and ministry. This was a great opportunity that would have amplified the reach of his ministry. After prayer, God spoke to him and said, “Your ministry is to Zimbabwe but your message is for the world.” (free  quote). This was a boundary setting jurisdictional question that settled the matter for him. So though he is called for reformational impact to the world, his geographic boundary as a beachhead was set to Harare, Zimbabwe. Of course this can change later as God continues to deploy and redeploy. But at that stage the word from God set the boundaries of his jurisdiction.

Consider yourself now: How exactly are you called to serve if your calling is in business? Start a business. Serve in a business. Consult for businesses. Finance businesses. Market a business. After following through this can you locate the how to your jurisdiction?