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Assymetrical Perception of Reality

How often do we create mantras which become our reality? Very often I have heard people boldly claim as truth, “If it is too good to be true, then it is.” This one statement has stopped people from pursuing possible breakthrough ideas. It is cultures a strong limiting belief. Have you ever tried sharing what you thought was an incredible opportunity with a close friend and they said, “Its too good to be true, so it cannot be true. There has to be a catch somewhere.” When you heard that you threw away your breakthrough idea and lost your wealth creating opportunity.

I have had the opportunity of sharing some wonderful opportunities with people who needed the solutions that I was providing. Initially people get excited until some person who has never achieved anything states, ‘Its too good to be true.” And then the zeal and even eagerness to investigate the opportunity vanishes. Using this pessimistic worldview has condemned many people to either poverty or mediocrity.

On the contrary when you hang around successful people you often hear the very opposite statement: “If it is too good to be true, it may just be true.” People viewing the same circumstances often have very different perceptions of reality. It is an assymetrical perception of reality. The wealth creators view the same situation and confidently say, “This seems exciting. It seems too good to be true but I have seen some such opportunities prove true, so I am willing to investigate the possibility.”

By adopting this more open perception it allows you to closely investigate the possibility of a breakthrough. In case you do not realize it so many “too good to be true things have proven true”. Many people thought it was too good to be true for man to walk on the moon but it was true. Someone dared to say though it is too good to be true it is worth pursuing and investigating. I do not want to miss a grand opportunity due to poor perception.

In case you do not realize it every day breakthrough ideas are coming from people who dared to believe that if it is too good to be true it just may be true. Breakthrough by definition is a moment in time when the impossible becomes possible. It’s a too good to be true moment which turns true. Miracles still happen. Now if you have perception asymmetry you would never pursue breakthrough ideas. Some one once said, “The world is changed not by people who dream but by those who not only dare to dream the impossible but are also foolish enough to try and make their dreams become a reality.” Many wealth creators and world changers had a perception of reality that is different from the rest and refused to stop when people taunted them on their “impossible” dreams.

God is still in the miracle business. For example I am currently studying with some financial engineers who are teaching me some incredibly unbelievable financing techniques that can irreversibly change the face of Africa. Some of my friends have said, “This seems too good to be true.” and I respond “What if it is true anyway? We will never find out unless we investigate and experiment with these concepts.” (Ahhhh I know you want to know what I am up to. Not so fast. We are still in the laboratory experimenting.)

A spiritual example is in order. It is too good to be true that just at the asking, my sins can be forgiven completely and I start a new life. Yet God delivers on this promise every time someone dares ask Him. People who had been written off in life as hopeless, have turned to God in desperation and their lives were completely transformed.

Incredible scientific breakthroughs which were deemed too good to be true have been recorded which have completely revolutionized the world.

I recently read about a hedge fund manager who in one year made personal (not company earnings) of $3.5 billion. I still cannot wrap my mind around that number as a person’s annual income. Too good to be true. But its true. He dared to beiieve that it is possible and he is doing it.

When you open yourself to the possibility of the extraordinary and unusual to happen, you open yourself to the world of incredible possibilities that need to be investigated and explored. However if your perception and mindset is that if something is too good then it cannot be true, you place limitations on your wealth creating potential.

Dare to dream. Say to yourself, “It may seem too good to be true, but I will never know whether it is true or not until I try it out!” I declare to you some things which are too good to be true are simply extremely good opportunities begging for a daring soul to try them out! Will you dare to test the idea before ruling it out using an outdated and good for nothing cliché like “If its too good to be true then its not true!” Do not be limited by a poor perception of reality. Dream big! Aim high!