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Wealth Transfer

There has been much talk about a coming wealth transfer. I am fully expecting to participate in it. Those of faith realize that the Book talks of the transfer of wealth to the righteous. I have come to the conviction that this has to happen through a trade system. Any transfer of wealth or financial resources from one person to another that is unsupported by a transaction or trade is tantamount to a scam or robbery. Praying and believing for God to rob unrighteous John in order to reward righteous Paul seems inconsistent with biblical teaching and the economic system.

I am now convinced that what people of faith should target is accessing wealth creation and wealth transfer systems that become a basis of a trade. For example to be paid a salary I trade my time for money- its called receiving a salary. Accessing a salary without giving my time and effort in exchange is robbery. By the way trading time for money is a poor trade because time is finite while money can be created. You are trading something that you cannot create for something that can be created. It is a poor trade.

Those who are paid better trade value/contribution for money. They provide value which people are willing to pay well for. Those who are paid for time have a limited income e.g. $100/hr while those who are paid on value added have their income dependent on the value they provide. For example a corporate CEO who generates an annual revenue of $1 billion can easily take home an annual salary of $15 million without the shareholders complaining. The salary is a minute percentage of the value generated. He has traded value for money. What is sad these days is that there are some people who are paid obscene salaries for poor performance and zero value addition simply because they are CEOs. This is daylight robbery. They are paid for the position and not for their contribution. It is an unfair trade.

If my assertion above is correct it means in terms of wealth creation, I need to meet a challenging need for many people in such a way that they are willing to pay me significantly for the value addition or contribution. The more unique problems I solve the more wealth I can create through wealth transfer. People will gladly part with their wealth to acquire the solution that I am providing. It stands to reason that since God created me as unique and as a solution to certain problem, once I identify the problem which I was created to solve then I can legitimately expect wealth transfer. People will gladly transfer part of their wealth to access the solution that I provide.

My question is: What problem have you solved to expect a wealth transfer? Be solution conscious! The more challenging the problem you resolve the more you are paid. Life is a trade. Before you think of wealth transfer ask yourself on what basis? What am I trading in return? What do you want to be paid for? Time, Effort, Position or Contribution.

Lord help me solve insurmountable problems. Help me make a difference. As I do I fully expect to participate in the greatest wealth transfer ever seen.