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Ideas Have Consequences

Just like you can recognize a tree by its fruit, you can only definitely recognize a worldview by its fruit as well. For simplicity to discern a person’s governing worldview, check the fruit produced in the behavior and actions of that person. Worldviews just like roots are not readily evident until one sees the actions and behaviors being produced.

The things we value, the decisions we make, and our daily actions reflect and grow from the assumptions we hold about the big questions of life. Our worldview produces consequences in our everyday lives. A healthy worldview—one based on biblical truth—produces productive consequences. An unhealthy worldview—one based on lies—produces destructive consequences. A person who has a worldview that does not see any difference between human and animal life will be seen by his willingness to kill human beings to save animals. A person who does not recognize the sanctity of life does not see anything wrong with killing unborn babies.

The battle of worldviews is about discipling societies by controlling their cultures. The world runs on ideas, and these ideas have godly or ungodly consequences. We should not be taken captive by the attractive and yet erroneous ideas of unbiblical worldviews! A nation runs on a worldview. As a reminder a worldview is the sum total of the ideas (assumptions) which function as its base. The ideas (assumptions) which make up a worldview reach into every area of life: each domain of influence. And yet we know from research methods that your assumptions determine your conclusions! You see what you already believe (or assume to be reality.) Your starting premise determines what you find from your search.

George Grant in The Micah Mandate argues, “According to Augustine, culture is —— an outworking of a people’s creed. In other words, culture is the temporal manifestation of a people’s faith. If a culture begins to change, it is not because of fads, fashions, or the passing of time, it is because of a shift in the worldview – it is because of a change of faith.” So we can see that the change in contemporary culture from its godly moorings, is a result of a shift in worldviews (towards secular humanism) because of a change of faith (notice how the western world would rather believe any strange religion than believe the Bible).


To explore this idea of worldviews further check Discipling Nations Alliance at:

Discipled by a Wrong Worldview

I have often been perplexed to see a Christian businessman who loves God with all his heart, act in his business in very unchristian ways. Sure he proclaims that his business is a Christian business but in ethos, value, and way of acting the business is very unchristian. I have heard of Christian businesses which bribe to get their way, which demand prompt payment from debtors but delay paying their debtors so that they use their credit management system as a way of funding their business even if they have capacity to pay their creditors in time. In some cases this has happened even when they were aware that the small creditor would collapse if the big company did not pay timeously. What happened to Jesus’ words on the Golden Rule? What happened to the challenge by Scripture to avoid use of unbalanced scales in business? What has been more concerning was that because the business was run exactly like the one for non-Christians, the unbelievers have no respect for believing businesspeople.

After much soul searching I believe I have found the answer. I finally concluded that although the kingdom citizen is born again in his heart, his mind and business philosophies are not born again (read renewed) from the vain philosophies of this world. Remember we are a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body. Our spirit can be born again while our soul and body are not. These have to be conformed to the dictates of the Word of God and the Spirit of God in order to be transformed, otherwise they lag behind. We each possess a mindset, paradigm or worldview that shapes our choices and how we live. Put differently while this believer is born again, the way he does business or lives his life is determined by a worldview that is contrary to the Bible. In other words the believer is not discipled by a different worldview. That worldview determines how they run their lives and their business.

According to scholar Samuel Huntington, “In the back of our minds are hidden assumptions…that determine how we perceive reality, what facts we look at, and how we judge their importance and merits[i].” This I believe is the heart of the matter. It is the belief system that shapes our values and actions.

As a kingly priests or priestly king you need to be intentional in reviewing your life to establish which worldview has discipled or is discipling you!